Data Access and Transfers

Customer Content hosted in Region

Data which includes “Customer Content,” as defined in the Smartsheet User Agreement, is hosted in the region selected by the Customer. Generally, this includes content that is uploaded or submitted to the online Services. Please see our subprocessor list for additional details.

Customer Content


US Hosted

EU Hosted

Sheet Data

Sheet names, sheet/grid contents, sheet summaries, sheet permissions, column names, comments, workflows, etc.

x x


Includes any attachments to rows, sheets, workspaces, etc.

x x

Dashboards & Reporting

Dashboard and reporting widget data

x x


Workspace names & members

x x


Contact lists and favorites

x x


Activity log data, folder names & contents

x x

Error logs generated from Customer Content

Error logs, telemetry or metrics data, incident alert messages, etc.

x o


Data accessed from or transferred to the United States

Smartsheet is a U.S.-based company and therefore accesses data from and transfers personal data back to the U.S. for our business and operational purposes when the EU region is selected. A data table describing our legal bases and uses of this data is included within our Privacy Notice, but this data may include:

Type of Data


Transferred to US

EU Hosted

Personal data

Name, email, title, profile picture, IP address, usage data tied to an individual, and other information associated with an individual’s account

x x

Organization information

Organization name, organization usage data (e.g., number of plans, number of licensed users per plan), etc.

x x

Payment/transaction data

Invoices, billing information, etc.

x x

Marketing data

Email address, communication preferences and history

x o

Customer support, feedback and opportunities *

Content of feedback, testimonials, inquiries, support requests, and any phone conversations, chat sessions and emails with or to us, IP addresses, social media profiles, custom profiles

x o


* Smartsheet Support may be provided from the U.S., UK, Costa Rica, Australia, or the Philippines.  

For more information, please visit our Trust Center or Privacy Notice.