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Free Profit and Loss Templates

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Profit and loss (P&L) statements are a key business tool that allow managers or owners to view the sources of their income and the allocation of their expenses. Businesses can use profit and loss statements to sell goods or services.

Individuals can use a profit and loss template to track their expenses and income, so they know if they are saving money or spending more than they make. Below, you’ll find a variety of profit and loss templates for Microsoft Excel that you can download and customize to fit your business requirements. You can expand these templates to track income from multiple sources. You can also use them to view the P&L during various time periods (monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.).  


What Is the Difference between a Profit and Loss Statement and an Income Statement?

Most online sources say that profit and loss statements and income statements are the same thing. You can use the terms interchangeably.

However, in the discipline of accounting, there is a similar term that you should be aware of in order to avoid confusion: A profit and loss budget is a tool for estimating future revenue and income.


Estimated Profit and Loss Using Projections

Below you’ll find several downloadable profit and loss templates; you can also use them to estimate profit and loss for future time periods. To calculate this, use projected data (rather than actual data) for future time periods, and see where the numbers land. You can then adjust the projections to see how an increase in income or a reduction in expenses affects the potential profit or loss for the projected period.

Creating a Profit and Loss Statement in a Minute

If the income and expense numbers are readily available, you can create a rough profit and loss statement in a minute. The numbers for income come from sales receipts. The cost of goods sold includes raw materials, overhead, and any labor costs associated with creating the goods or services you’re selling. Expenses include all the money spent in order to run the business, such as rent, taxes, and wages. Fill out the appropriate categories in the basic template below to get a quick overview of where the business stands for the selected time period.


Profit and Loss Templates

All of the profit and loss templates below contain a section for operational expenses. Each template also includes fields to enter income from various sources as well as fields for expenses. Income and expense categories can be high level (e.g, vehicle expenses) or more granular in detail (gas, maintenance, repairs, parts, etc.). You can customize each template by adding new lines or changing the category names.

You can use the templates to calculate the P&L for a month, a year, a quarter, or even three years. The profit or loss will display near the top of the template.


Basic Profit and Loss Template

Profit and Loss Basic Template

Use this simple template if the categories under income and expenses don’t need to be broken out. This template can be used by service, retail, and B2B organizations. The income section includes space to show income and to deduct the cost of goods sold. The expenses section includes common categories, such as wages and benefits, insurance, and taxes. To use this template for multiple periods (e.g., six months or three years), save a copy for each time period.

Download Basic Profit and Loss Template


Self-Employed Profit and Loss Template

Profit and Loss Self Employment Template

Self-employed people and freelancers have unique needs. This template takes these requirements into account by breaking out income by client and by using expense categories that apply to people who work for themselves.

Download Self-Employed Profit and Loss Template


Restaurant Profit and Loss Template

Profit and Loss Restaurant Template

Food service businesses have to keep track of their food and beverage inventories. This template has entries for different types of inventory — including multiple beverage categories,  such as draft beer, canned and bottled beer, wine, spirits, and non-alcoholic beer — in both the sales and cost of goods sold sections.

Download Restaurant Profit and Loss Template


Personal Profit and Loss Template

Profit and Loss Personal Template

Individuals and families can use the profit and loss model to track their income against their spending and see if they are spending more or less than they make. This template is customized to include personal expense categories, such as entertainment, food, and household supplies.

Download Personal Profit and Loss Template

Advanced Profit and Loss Template

Profit and Loss Advanced Template

This particular template contains many more categories than do the other templates in this article, and allows for a more detailed breakdown of expenses and revenue. The categories are grouped into sections. Enter data on the monthly tab, and see the year-to-date totals on the YTD tab. The monthly tab also has a chart that tracks month-to-month changes in total revenue and total expenses. This template can be used by service, retail, and B2B organizations. To use this template for multiple years, make a copy for each year.

Download Advanced Profit and Loss Template


Links to Other Financial Documents

Financial statements used by businesses include a cash flow statement and a balance sheet. A cash flow statement tracks where money comes from (income from customers, the sale of property or other assets, returns on investments, etc.) and goes (the purchase of inventory, loan payments, or wages). A balance sheet is a quick snapshot of an organization’s financial position: It shows the company’s assets (accounts receivable, inventory, and property, etc.), liabilities (taxes owed, long-term debt, and accounts payable), and equity (the owner’s investment and retained earnings).

Net income from the P&L is linked to both the balance sheet and the cash flow statement. It becomes the retained earnings section in the other two documents. The complex nature of links to other statements is beyond the scope of this article — consult your accountant to better understand these relationships.

Cash Flow Statement Template

A cash flow statement provides a solid picture of the inflow and outflow of cash within your company. Use a cash flow statement template in conjunction with your balance sheet and income statement to garner a comprehensive look into your company’s financial status. This cash flow template includes two additional worksheets to track month-to-month and year-to-year cash flow.

Download Cash Flow Statement Template

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Balance Sheet Template

A balance sheet is used to take a quick snapshot of a company’s financial position at a given moment. Use this balance sheet template to summarize the company’s assets, liabilities, and equity and give investors an idea of the health of the company.

Balance Sheet Template

Download Balance Sheet Template

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Increase Transparency with Smartsheet for Profit and Loss Statements

Businesses use profit and loss statements to track their expenses and income. That’s why mastering the complexity of a P&L is crucial to improving business decisions and staying ahead of your competitors. To ensure that you get the most out of your P&L statements, consider using an automated software tool to stay organized.

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