Four reasons to attend ENGAGE 2023: #2 The speakers

by Brandi Kulakowski

Industry experts. Pioneers of their craft. Smartsheet power users. These are the folks that’ll be speaking during this year's keynote and breakout sessions, imparting their wisdom and experience to help you get to your next aha moment. And our number two reason to attend ENGAGE 2023.

In this blog post, we'll highlight some of the speakers that you'll hear from at this year's event. Also, don't forget to check out the first in the series where we detailed the sessions that’ll give you even more tools in your Smartsheet toolbox. 


Praerit Garg ENGAGE 2022 Keynote

Learn how others are unlocking their potential with Smartsheet

If you're looking for some serious Smartsheet inspiration, look no further than the customer speakers at ENGAGE. Not only will you hear from leaders from ADP, Goodwill® Industries, and Sodexo about how Smartsheet has helped them solve critical business challenges during the keynote on Sept. 19, you’ll hear from power users in the 65+ breakout sessions. 

Here are just three of the many Smartsheet gurus telling their insights at ENGAGE 2023: 

Melanie Corbin, Manager, HIT Projects at MedPOINT Management

A member of the first class of Smartsheet Overachievers, Melanie has been working in healthcare for more than 30 years. She uses Smartsheet every day to manage teams, monitor data, and build and simplify processes.

A Smartsheet mobilizer, Melanie has hosted many lunch-and-learns for her teammates, along with monthly user group meetings for Smartsheet users from all types of organizations. 

Tune into the session Driving change: Real world success stories from Smartsheet Mobilizers to hear how Melanie has taken her career to new heights with Smartsheet.

Brian Richardson, PMO Tools and Resource Manager at Iron Mountain

Brian has worked in Information Technology at Iron Mountain for over 25 years. For the past 15 years, he’s driven a variety of project and portfolio management tools and processes, culminating with Smartsheet.

Using Smartsheet, Brian and his peers have reduced Iron Mountain's PPM footprint from more than six tools into one, cut costs in half, gained strategic alignment across multiple portfolios, and enabled process automation for over 5000 Mountaineers.

Get the inside story on how Brian leverages Smartsheet in the session Transform your IT PMO with Smartsheet for Portfolio Management

Sara-Beth Zlatich, QC Project Specialist at Seagen 

A self-described “huge Smartsheet fangirl,” Sara-Beth’s main role is to manage projects and a project portfolio. She also leads continuous improvement initiatives and develops technology-based solutions for her department. Sara-Beth dove into Smartsheet Advanced products when she built her department’s PMO, quickly realizing the need for Smartsheet Control Center and successfully advocating for leadership support. 

An advanced user, Sara-Beth is a member of Seagen’s Smartsheet Leadership team, using her experience and passion to routinely answer product questions and build Smartsheet solutions for individuals across the organization. 

Learn how she uses Smartsheet in the session Take Smartsheet Advance to new heights. 

Spotlight on Smartsheet speakers

From building solutions to mobilizing their teams to accomplish amazing things, our roster of internal speakers are ready to share their knowledge with you. 

Here are just a few of the Smartsheet speakers to learn from at ENGAGE 2023:

Cicero, Director of Product Marketing at Smartsheet

Look for Cicero (a.k.a. "Highlighter Guy") around the conference in his signature neon shirts. Cicero has been with Smartsheet for more than six years and has been teaching and training for over 30.

Currently he is a Director in Product Marketing and works with evangelism, webinars, and user groups. He has worked with thousands of Smartsheet customers helping them to get the most out of their solutions. 

Cicero is imparting his knowledge (and donning his bright shirts!) in these sessions: 

Alexis Barone, Sr. Solutions Specialist at Smartsheet

As an experienced global program manager, Alexis is widely recognized for her expertise in developing and leading high-performing teams. With a keen focus on effective communication, meticulous planning, and thorough analysis, she has become a trusted guide for teams navigating change and driving process development. 

Having led numerous enterprise implementations, Alexis has held a range of strategic roles, from overseeing a $26 million portfolio of global automation projects to managing all aspects of the portfolio of a 300-person start up, establishing global standards for project execution, and spearheading new business development for North America. 

Alexis's track record of delivering results, combined with her expertise in both program management and organizational change management, gives her a unique perspective on business challenges and a passion for helping teams address them. 

Get the inside scoop on how to maximize success with Smartsheet in the session Maximizing project success with the power of portfolio prioritization

David Lewis, Security Solutions Engineer at Smartsheet

David Lewis, CISSP, is a senior information technology professional with a wealth of experience in various areas of IT management. With expertise in architecture, strategy, transformation, innovation, security, governance, and IT audit, David has proven himself as a highly skilled and knowledgeable leader in the industry.

Currently serving as a Security Solutions Engineer for Smartsheet, David excels in providing guidance and support to clients in understanding the company's security posture. He possesses a keen ability to comprehend client security requirements and translate them into effective solutions.

As a collaborative facilitator, David bridges the gap between client business units and their IT partners, ensuring the successful integration of Smartsheet into complex application environments to help clients achieve their business goals.

Join David to learn the top tips for securing Smartsheet in the session Best practices for securing your Smartsheet environment.

Victoria Lichtenshtein, Director of Program Management at Smartsheet

Victoria is a seasoned program and project management professional who’s adept at folding in just the right amount of process to help unlock creative potential and scalable growth. Her career has spanned engagements from a small marketing consultancy to global advertising agencies.

Now, she works client-side at Smartsheet, leading the Marketing Project Management team. Victoria is a certified Scrum Master and an awarded program leader. Plus, she is the recipient of multiple ADDY and Cannes Lion awards.

Tune in to the session Smartsheet PMO and Creative Operations present: How our marketing team manages internal work to hear her speak. 

Get ready to geek out on efficiency at ENGAGE 2023

ENGAGE 2022 Keynote Brandfolder Product

ENGAGE 2023 is all about providing you the tools you need to plan your next big thing — and the speakers we have lined up for you are integral in accomplishing just that.

So, get ready for the opportunity to geek out on efficiency and network with like-minded professionals at ENGAGE 2023. Start noting the sessions that’ll create your perfect ENGAGE agenda, mark your calendar, and get ready to geek out on efficiency with us!