Free Brand Pillar Workshop Facilitation Templates

By Joe Weller | February 24, 2022

In this article, you’ll find a helpful collection of templates that can be used as a workshop facilitation kit to define your brand pillars and jumpstart your brand strategy.

Included on this page, you will find a comprehensive brand pillar workshop facilitation kit that includes templates containing activities to develop your brand purpose, positioning, personality, promotion, and experience.

Brand Pillar Workshop Facilitation Kit

Brand Pillars Workshop Facilitation Kit Instructions

Download Brand Pillar Workshop Facilitation Kit
Microsoft PowerPoint | Google Slides 

Define and develop your brand pillars with this downloadable workshop facilitation deck kit. Use these comprehensive deck series to walk your team through each brand pillar, and complete the activities to boost your team’s creativity throughout the brand pillar strategy process. After completing the activities in each slide deck framework, your team will have a working foundation for your next steps as you expand and take action on your brand’s strategic direction. Alternatively, you can work through each slide deck individually using the below activities as it suits your team.  

Brand Purpose Activities Template

Brand Pillars Workshop Facilitation Kit Purpose Activities

Download Purpose Activities
Microsoft PowerPoint | Google Slides

Establish a comprehensive foundation for your brand, starting with its purpose. This slide deck  walks you through pre-activity questions and exercises to focus your team’s mindset as you define your brand’s mission, vision, values, and brand promise. Each activity provides thought-provoking questions to hone your brand’s purpose and build a strong cornerstone for all other branding work. Use this deck for your personal brand or as a team facilitator. 

Brand Positioning Activities Template

Brand Pillars Workshop Facilitation Kit Positioning Activities

Download Positioning Activities
Microsoft PowerPoint | Google Slides

Advance your brand’s strategy by standing out against the competition. This positioning facilitation slide deck will help your team differentiate your products, experiences, and services through guided activities about your brand’s offering(s), your audience, your target market, and your competitive value proposition. Your team will have a sound value proposition and positioning statement to help your brand stand out in the crowd. 

Brand Personality Activities Template

Brand Pillars Workshop Facilitation Personality Activities

Download Personality Activities
Microsoft PowerPoint | Google Slides

Bring your brand’s personality to life with these all-encompassing slide deck activities. Determine your brand’s primary and secondary archetypes, and pinpoint the personality traits your brand does and does not exhibit. Use the personality traits as the groundwork for the following promotion activities slide deck. 

Brand Promotion Activities Template

Brand Pillars Workshop Facilitation Promotion Activities

Download Promotion Activities
Microsoft PowerPoint | Google Slides

Deliver your brand’s personality by distinguishing its promotional traits in this slide deck. The activity deck includes facilitation prompts to get your team on the same design page creating the visual, sensory, and language expression of your brand. Guide your team to create the most consistent customer experience from your brand’s voice, tone, core messaging, colors, logo, typography, and any other way your brand communicates its personality.  

Product/Experience/Service Activities Template

Brand Pillars Workshop Facilitation Product Experience Service

Download Product/Experience/Service Activities
Microsoft PowerPoint | Google Slides

Evaluate the effectiveness and reach of your brand with essential questions assessing the impact of the product, experience, or service you offer. Once you’ve built the perfect brand, complete these activities to ensure that it’s performing as expected. These slide deck prompts ensure that your brand maximizes every interaction between your customer and delivers your brand promise every time by evaluating each touchpoint and brand perception.

To learn more about how to determine your brand pillars and to see real examples, check out this guide to brand pillars.

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