Free Brand Presentation Templates

By Joe Weller | November 2, 2021

We’ve compiled the most useful collection of free brand presentation templates for chief marketing officers (CMOs), brand ambassadors, marketers, creative directors, and product managers. 

Included on this page, you’ll find a brand presentation template, a brand identity presentation template, a brand launch presentation template, and a brand logo presentation template, as well as a list of helpful tips for completing these templates.

Brand Presentation Template

Brand Presentation Template

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Use this comprehensive template to present your brand story to team members, clients, investors, or other stakeholders. Enter details about your company’s background, purpose, values, and culture to offer an introductory idea to your company’s brand. Next, describe your organization’s positioning and strategy, including the marketplace, long-term vision and strategy, and how the brand aims can help the company reach its goals. Finally, list your brand’s distinctive attributes, as well as any story-friendly facts and figures that support it. This template helps you create a visually dynamic, easy-to-follow brand story that is engaging, memorable, and inspires loyalty. 

For helpful details to ensure that your branding efforts are aligned with your company style guide, read our article on brand style guide templates.

Brand Identity Presentation Template

Brand identity presentation template

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Microsoft PowerPoint | Google Slides 

A strong brand creates an emotional connection with its customers, which results in brand loyalty.  In order to foster lifelong partnerships that lead to upsell opportunities, you must first have a strong brand identity. 

This brand identity presentation template provides a step-by-step process for defining and refining it. Enter design goals and objectives, marketing materials, and details about your target audience. 

Next, define your brand’s call to action (i.e., the desired reaction from your target audience), and enter the brand look and feel, campaign message, competitive analysis, and any brand-related image details. This completely customizable template is the ideal presentation vehicle for your brand, from brainstorming stages to brand campaigns and launches.  

For helpful details on ensuring your branding efforts are effective, see read our article on brand audit templates.

Brand Guide Presentation Template

Brand Guide Presentation Template

Download Brand Guide Presentation Template
Microsoft PowerPoint | Google Slides 

Use this customizable template with sample-answer text to capture and share your brand’s unique attributes. The template walks you through four primary company branding steps: who you are, what you do, how you do it, and why you do it. A strong brand increases your visibility in the marketplace by establishing an emotional reaction from potential and existing customers. This template will help you create that connection with customers through your branding efforts.

Brand Promotion Presentation Template

Brand Promotion Presentation Template

Download Brand Promotion Presentation Template
Microsoft PowerPoint | Google Slides

This brand promotion presentation template includes a presentation-ready framework for everything you need to promote your brand. Enter company history, purpose, values, and culture details, what you do and why, and positioning and strategy details to reflect (or further define) the power of your brand. The template also includes a Brand Attributes section that includes space to note brand messaging, mission statement, vision, and brand personality, as well as an Executive Bios section to list key stakeholders and their role in strengthening your company’s brand. 

For helpful details on making your branding assets more effective, read this marketing asset management guide.

Brand Launch Presentation Template

Brand launch presentation template

Download Brand Launch Presentation Template
Microsoft PowerPoint | Google Slides 

Use this dynamic brand launch presentation template to keep your team apprised of all brand-specific developments, from initial brainstorming sessions to brand launch. The template includes sections to note brand marketing guidelines, brand marketing materials, target audience, call to action, brand campaign look and feel, competitive analysis, and schedule. This template emphasizes key brand messaging, so you’ll be on-track for a successful brand launch and make an impression in the market. 

For more brand strategy resources and solutions, see our guide to effective brand asset management.

Luxury Brand Presentation Template

Luxury Brand Presentation Template PPT

Download Luxury Brand Presentation Template
Microsoft PowerPoint | Google Slides 

This presentation template provides a professional, design-rich backdrop for your luxury brand. Whether your brand is in the jewelry, auto, real estate, fashion, or advertising industry — or another luxury vertical — this customizable presentation template prompts you to emphasize your brand’s unique value proposition. This all-inclusive luxury brand presentation template helps you to accurately define your one-of-a-kind brand story and highlight the brand’s high-end characteristics.

Brand Logo Presentation Template

Brand Logo Presentation Template

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Microsoft PowerPoint | Google Slides 

Introduce or explain every facet of your logo with this easy-to-use brand logo presentation template. As the visual representation of your brand, your logo is the primary symbol connecting your company with your customers — as such, the template focuses on creative elements, such as imagery, tagline, verbiage, design style, colors, and other visual considerations. This template’s unique offerings provide ample space for you to brainstorm, develop, refine, or revise your logo for maximum visual appeal.

Brand Pitch Deck Template

Brand Pitch Presentation Deck Template

Download Brand Pitch Deck Template
Microsoft PowerPoint | Google Slides

Your brand is primarily concerned with establishing and maintaining strong relationships among your organization, employees, business partners, and customers. In order to effectively present your brand, you need a dynamic way to pitch it to stakeholders. This brand pitch deck template is the perfect vehicle to introduce all of your brand’s crucial components (e.g., company history, values, purpose, positioning, strategy, and brand attributes), so that your audience feels inspired and invigorated by your offerings. 

For more on building strong brand frameworks, learn how to write a brand brief and download free templates.

What Is a Brand Presentation Template?

A brand presentation template provides a framework to showcase a brand’s attributes and market impact. A branding presentation template displays your company’s history, purpose, values, and visual qualities intended to establish connections with customers and inspire lifelong brand loyalty. 

As the primary storytelling vehicle for a company’s brand, a brand presentation template is a crucial means to condense and exhibit everything your brand represents. A brand has the power to build long-lasting trust with customers and the potential to increase loyalty and upsell opportunities. 

A brand presentation template helps you turn your brand into a “story” by providing a presentation outline. Use the template as a guide to ensure that you note every aspect that makes your brand powerful, unique, and effective. By using a brand presentation template, your company will be fully prepared for brand launches, product announcements, rebranding, internal branding efforts, and special marketing campaigns. 

In your presentation, include details about each of the following components to establish solid brand awareness: 

  • Company History: Provide company details, including your date of establishment, location, growth patterns, goals, and motivation.
  • Customers: Provide customer information and describe your target audience.
  • Customer Issues: Explain any issues or problems your customers face, and how your products and services help them solve these issues.  
  • Company Purpose: Provide details for why you’re in business, including the historical and ethical reasons, and what the company is passionate about.
  • Company Values: Define your company’s values and the principles that guide your company’s actions. 
  • Company Culture: Share information about your company’s culture and how it positively impacts your customers. 
  • What, Why, and How: Explain what you do as a company, how you do it, and why you do it. 
  • Company Vision: Add information about your company’s vision. Where do you want to be in the future, based on your organization’s aspirations and goals? 
  • Company Mission: Define your company’s mission and overall intention.
  • Positioning and Strategy: Provide details of the marketplace, your company’s long-term vision and strategy, and how your brand aims to meet and exceed your goals.
  • Brand Attributes: Add your brand attributes, including brand-related verbiage, imagery, design and style, logo, colors, and other visual considerations. 
  • Facts and Figures: Share brand story-friendly facts and figures about your company to support its effectiveness.
  • Executive Bios: Include brief biographical details for your brand’s primary stakeholders, including their background, current roles, and major contributions within your company.

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