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Free Construction Proposal Templates and Forms

Smartsheet Contributor Diana Ramos on Dec 10, 2020

In this article, you’ll find construction proposal templates for engineering, residential, and commercial construction projects. For a selection of free construction bid proposal forms, see our comprehensive compilation of construction bid templates in Excel, Word, and PDF formats.

Included on this page, you’ll find a residential construction proposal template, a roofing proposal form, an engineering project proposal template, and an equipment lease proposal template.

Simple Construction Proposal Template

This form features a basic design for creating residential or commercial construction proposals. The template includes contact details for owner and contractor, along with sections to outline the scope of the project, exclusions, terms and conditions, and itemized costs. Choose from a fillable PDF form or an Excel template that performs calculations automatically.

Download Simple Construction Proposal Template

Excel | PDF

Commercial Construction Proposal Template

Commercial Construction Proposal Template

This template provides an outline for creating a commercial construction proposal that you can customize based on project type and scope. Provide clients with a breakdown of proposed schedule phases, preconstruction and construction responsibilities, key team members, relevant experience, and pricing. Attach any supporting documents, such as team member resumes, insurance documents, or a detailed Gantt chart schedule.

Download Commercial Construction Proposal Template

Word | PDF

Residential Construction Proposal Template

Residential Construction Proposal Template

Create a thorough proposal for a residential construction project. Include a compelling cover letter, experience and qualifications details, proposed home plans or examples of previous projects, and a list of costs for labor and materials. The template also has sections for specifying work and materials not included in the proposal, warranty information, and terms and conditions.

Download Residential Construction Proposal Template

Word | PDF

Engineering Project Proposal Template

Provide clients with a company profile, project overview, detailed scope of work, and itemized cost estimate. Create a project timeline that shows target dates for each step — from initial engineering design to the construction phase. The template provides automatic calculations for easy cost estimating. 

Download Engineering Project Proposal Template — Excel

Roofing Proposal Template

Roofing Proposal Template

This proposal form includes space for an evaluation, scope of work, project specifications, and details on insulation, flashing, adhesives, and other materials you need for roofing jobs. Use the pricing table to list the projected costs for labor and materials, and add your own warranty information and agreement terms for a comprehensive roofing proposal. You can also adapt this template for use on residential or commercial roofing jobs.

Download Roofing Proposal Template

Word | PDF

Equipment Lease Proposal Template

Equipment Lease Proposal Template

Designed for equipment leasing companies, this template provides cost estimation and leasing terms for construction machinery. Include a cover letter and business profile describing your services, as well as a plan to meet the leasing needs for a specific construction project. The template includes space for an itemized list of equipment expenses, and a section for adding terms and conditions.

Download Equipment Lease Proposal Template

Word | PDF

Construction Bid Proposal Forms and Resources

Get tips on writing a bid proposal and find related templates, including a request for proposal (RFP) form. Explore our in-depth guide to construction bidding to learn how to win more bids and find resources for commercial, residential, and government construction opportunities. In our management articles, you’ll find a range of construction management tips and templates, from project schedules to budgeting templates and subcontractor documentation.

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