Free Excel Customer Database Templates for Small Businesses

By Diana Ramos | December 12, 2021

Track client information with our comprehensive collection of Microsoft Excel customer database templates. Download and customize free templates that are designed for small businesses.

On this page you’ll find a customer relationship management spreadsheet template, a customer contact database template, an invoice template with built-in customer database, and more template options.

Customer Relationship Management Spreadsheet Template

CRM Spreadsheet Template

Download Customer Relationship Management Spreadsheet Template — Microsoft Excel

Use this customer relationship management (CRM) spreadsheet for tracking customer relationship leads and maintaining a single, central database in which to record contact information and log communications. For each lead, list individual and company names, contact dates, lead status, and projected sales, and use this information to plan your next actions and contact dates. Easily add or remove spreadsheet columns to customize your CRM template.

Client Information Database Template

Client Information Database Template

Download Client Information Database Template — Microsoft Excel

Use this fully customizable spreadsheet template to compile client data, including contact and payment information, in one convenient location. Record client identification numbers, relevant mailing addresses, and phone numbers; also track payment information, including payment methods, amounts, receipt numbers, account balances, and payment periods. Add notes for updates, reminders, and follow-up actions.

Simple Customer List Template

Simple Customer List Template

Download Simple Customer List Template — Microsoft Excel

Create a simple customer list database that serves as a reference and tracking sheet. This comprehensive template comes prefilled with sample headings on each column, such as customer identification number, company name, contact name and title, phone numbers, and billing address. Edit these columns to reflect the needs of your business and the relevant customer data you want to record.

For more options, see our client and customer list templates in Microsoft Excel and other formats.

Customer Relationship Management Dashboard Template

CRM Dashboard Template

Download Customer Relationship Management Dashboard Template — Microsoft Excel

This customer relationship management dashboard template includes spreadsheets for tracking leads and opportunities, as well as a dashboard for providing a quick visual overview of vital customer data. On the leads spreadsheet, you will find helpful dropdown menus with sample lead sources and status options. You can use this spreadsheet to collect contact information, communication dates, and upcoming actions. Use the opportunities sheet to outline the probability and value, potential initiation and closing dates, and customer contact information of each deal.

Contacts Database Template

Contacts Database Template

Download Contacts Database Template — Microsoft Excel

Add business, client, or customer details to this template to create an organized database of contacts. Choose a category for each contact to make the spreadsheet searchable by contact type. Include names, affiliated companies, websites, and contact information. Use the pre-filled headers in the template or customize them to suit your business needs.

Real Estate Customer Database Template

Real Estate Customer Database Template

Download Real Estate Customer Database Template — Microsoft Excel

Designed for real estate agents, this template includes fields for recording client and property information, as well as realtor and mortgage broker contacts. Keep track of any contract acceptance date, sale price, closing date, and other important details. For buyers, add loan approval amounts and loan officer contact information. This template allows you to compile all relevant contacts, financial details, and property information for each client into one data sheet.

Potential Client Tracker Template

Potential Client Tracker Template

Download Potential Client Tracker Template — Microsoft Excel

Create a list of potential clients in this quarterly tracking sheet. The template provides sections for projected sales data, action planning, and lead contact information. In this spreadsheet, you will find two sheets: one that is prefilled with sample data and one that is blank. The template automatically calculates the weighted forecast for each potential deal and total amounts for each quarter. 

See our client management and tracking templates for related small business templates.

Invoice Template with Customer Database

Invoice Template with Customer Database

Download Invoice Template with Customer Database — Microsoft Excel

This invoice template includes customer and product databases to expedite the billing process. Enter your product and customer information into the provided spreadsheets. On the invoice tab, use dropdown menus to populate the cells with customer contact information and items purchased. After you add the number of units purchased for each item, the template will automatically calculate subtotals and total costs.

What Is an Excel Customer Database Template?

A customer database template in Microsoft Excel allows you to store information about current, previous, or potential clients. It serves as both a contact list and a method for managing client relationships. 

Excel is a spreadsheet tool designed for analyzing and calculating data, so it does not work well as a relational database with multiple linked tables. Instead, Excel customer database templates are appropriate for monitoring simple lists and creating snapshot views of data.

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