Free Nonprofit Marketing Plan Templates & Samples

Choose from a roundup of essential nonprofit marketing plan templates and samples, including free templates for Microsoft Word and Excel, PDF, Apple Pages, Google Docs, and Google Sheets. 

Included on this page, you’ll find a strategic marketing plan with SMART goals, a social media marketing plan for nonprofit organizations, and a marketing budget plan template, as well as information on creating an effective nonprofit marketing plan.

Marketing Plan Template

Nonprofit Marketing Plan Template

Create a comprehensive nonprofit marketing plan with this outline template, which includes sections for a table of contents, background summary, situational analysis, marketing strategy, budget, and action plans. The included matrix is useful for evaluating organizational strengths and weaknesses via SWOT analysis. Identify short and long-term goals, develop a communications plan, and compile research results to complete your marketing plan.

One-Page Nonprofit Marketing Plan Template

This one-page template provides the essential components for creating a concise yet thorough marketing plan. The top section focuses on analysis, and has sections for objectives, competition, target audience, marketing strategy, and resources. Use the space at the bottom of the template for planning-specific actions related to messaging, marketing channels, promotion methods, and evaluation. Assign owners to each task and keep track of deadlines and costs.

Nonprofit Strategic Marketing Plan with S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Utilize the SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound) portion of this template to identify your goals and create a clear marketing strategy. This template breaks down planning into sections for summarizing objectives, understanding target audience, defining goals, and creating an actionable plan with prioritized tasks. Whether you’re brainstorming with team members or refining your marketing strategy, this template helps organize the planning process.

Social Media Marketing Plan Template for Nonprofit Organization

Plan a social media marketing campaign that includes a call to action (CTA), important dates, a list of social media platforms, and metrics for tracking success. This template also has sections for digital assets that you plan to use in your campaign, as well as promotional plans. Use this simple worksheet to organize key details and execute successful social media marketing for your nonprofit organization.

For more social media planning tools, including calendars, reports and audit templates, see our selection of free social media templates for Excel.

Sample Nonprofit Marketing Plan Template

Use this sample template as an example of a completed nonprofit marketing plan. This template provides basic details, and you can edit the information (including headings, colors, and formatting) to reflect the details of your own plan. Add or remove sections to create a customized planning sheet.

Event Marketing Plan Nonprofit Template

For your next fundraising event, use this timeline template to schedule marketing tasks. The template provides a weekly Gantt chart-style calendar that uses different colors to distinguish among marketing categories, from email outreach to advertising, social media, and other online content. This template has two spreadsheets: a completed calendar to use as an example, and a blank version to save you time while planning your schedule. 

Nonprofit Marketing Plan Presentation Template

This PowerPoint template features a bold layout for displaying each stage of your nonprofit marketing plan. Enter text to highlight key points, organizational objectives, marketing stages, actions, and events. Create a visual snapshot of marketing steps for a presentation or team meeting.

Download Nonprofit Marketing Plan Presentation Template - PowerPoint

Nonprofit Marketing Budget Plan Template

This budget plan template shows a breakdown of costs for marketing campaigns. Use the pie chart for a quick view of your current resource allocation; after entering expenses, the template automatically calculates subtotals, as shown in the sample spreadsheet. The template also includes a blank sheet for data entry, as well as a summary sheet that shows total projected costs. The total budget amount appears at the top of the template for easy reference. Combine this template with your nonprofit marketing plan to create a detailed report.

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Creating a Nonprofit Marketing Plan

Learn best practices and get tips for creating effective nonprofit marketing plans in our guide to nonprofit marketing. And, for more marketing plan templates, see our posts on free marketing project plan templates, marketing campaign templates and marketing calendar templates.

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