Free Product Portfolio Management Templates

By Kate Eby | March 27, 2020

Download free templates to support your product portfolio management strategies, including a BCG matrix and other product portfolio analysis templates, multiple roadmaps, and a flowchart for planning the portfolio management process.

Below, you’ll find a timeline roadmap template for multiple products, a product comparison template, a bubble diagram for risk analysis, and other customizable templates.

Product Portfolio Roadmap Template

Monitor goals, communicate with stakeholders, and manage your product portfolio with this product roadmap template. Available in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint formats, the template shows the status of multiple products in a timeline for each quarter, providing an overview of your portfolio for easy planning and tracking.

Download Product Portfolio Roadmap Template

Excel | Word | PowerPoint | Smartsheet

Product Stages Roadmap Template


Product Stages Roadmap Template

This template provides an overview of product stages for each item in a portfolio. Pair this template with the product roadmap above to monitor your portfolio and support strategic decisions. This template is helpful as a portfolio management tool, and it works well as part of a presentation.

Download Product Stages Roadmap Template — PowerPoint

Product Comparison Template

Product Comparison Template

Use this product portfolio review template to evaluate products based on specific features or other details. With this template, you can help ensure that your portfolio is balanced, you are aligning products and strategy, and you are using objective information when deciding to replace or retire products. 

Download Product Comparison Template

Excel | PowerPoint

BCG Product Portfolio Matrix Template

BCG Product Portfolio Matrix Template

Based on the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) growth-share matrix, this template enables you to analyze products based on growth potential and relative market share. The matrix divides products into “stars,” “question marks,” “cash cows” and “dogs.” Each category describes a combination of low or high market share and growth to help you make strategic product decisions and increase the value of your portfolio.

Download BCG Product Portfolio Matrix Template — PowerPoint

For additional resources, visit our guide to find variety of free product portfolio matrix templates, plus expert tips on the best matrix to use.

Product Portfolio Management Flowchart

Product Portfolio Management Flowchart

This flowchart shows the entire product portfolio management process, from generating new ideas all the way through to portfolio review and product development. Use this template for your own planning or as part of a presentation. You can edit and customize the template to suit your specific needs.

Download Product Portfolio Management Flowchart

PDF | PowerPoint

Product Portfolio Risk Assessment

Product Portfolio Risk Assessment Template

Analyze new products to identify which have the strongest probability of success or failure. This bubble chart allows you to view products based on net present value and future growth potential. Get objective information on your portfolio to inform project planning.

Download Product Portfolio Risk Assessment — PowerPoint

Product Portfolio Environmental Analysis Template

Product Portfolio Environmental Analysis Template

This product portfolio analysis template helps you examine the relationship between profitability and  environmental impact. The matrix layout provides a clear snapshot of which products are most problematic or most promising, in terms of both financial and environmental goals.

Download Product Portfolio Environmental Analysis Template — PowerPoint

What Is Product Portfolio Management?

Product Portfolio Management is the integrated management of resources, techniques and technologies applied by project managers to plan, evaluate, and manage established or future projects. 

You can learn about the product portfolio management process — including benefits and challenges, as well as management techniques to help maximize profitability and ensure optimal growth — by reading “The Definitive Guide to Product Portfolio Management.” For information on creating and using roadmaps, read “Best Practices and Expert Tips for Creating Product Roadmaps.” You can also check out some helpful company product portfolio examples.

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