Free Product Vision Boards, Templates, and Documents

By Joe Weller | September 7, 2021

Get the most effective free product vision boards, templates, and documents for product owners, product managers, designers, and marketers. Download these tools in Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint; Adobe PDF; Google Sheets; and other formats. 

Included on this page, you’ll find a product vision board template, a product vision board example, an agile product vision board, a product vision and strategy document template, and more.

Product Vision Board Template

Product Vision Board Template

Download Product Vision Board Template 

Microsoft Excel | Microsoft WordMicrosoft PowerPoint | Google Slides | Adobe PDF | Smartsheet

This product vision board template is the perfect tool to help you state your product’s purpose, who it serves, how it differs from competitor offerings, and its intended impact. Enter target market details to specify your market segment, so that stakeholders clearly understand who the product’s customers and users are. Include further details about the solution your product will provide and the feasibility of its development. Use this presentation-friendly product vision board template to gain buy-in from product sponsors, team members, and other stakeholders. 

For more resources on product management, see “Free Product Management Templates.”

Product Vision Board Example Template

Product Vision Board Example Template

Download Product Vision Board Example Template

Microsoft Excel | Microsoft Word | Microsoft PowerPoint | Google Slides | Adobe PDF

Take the guesswork out of creating a product vision from scratch by leveraging the pre-filled text in this template to provide stakeholders with an all-inclusive product vision board. Overwrite this template’s sample text to explain your product’s purpose, the benefits it provides, its marketing demographic, how it meets your company’s business goals, and what makes it unique compared to the competition.

Agile Product Vision Board Template

Agile Product Vision Board Template

Download Agile Product Vision Board Template 

Microsoft Excel | Microsoft Word | Microsoft PowerPoint   | Adobe PDF  | Google Slides

Designed specifically for organizations and teams using Agile development practices, this template helps your product vision become a reality. Enter details of how your product’s development using Agile methodologies will result in positive changes in the market, how Agile will help it succeed, and how applying Agile practices will help your company reach its business goals. Ensure the feasibility and ease of vision-through-development stages with the guidance of this simple-to-use, Agile-specific product vision board template.

Vision Statement Worksheet Template

Download Vision Statement Worksheet Template

Microsoft Excel | Microsoft Word | Google Sheets | Google Docs 

This all-in-one, easy-to-use vision statement worksheet template is ideal for developing your full product vision and aiding in the creation of a project proposal. Enter product plan info and the strategy outlook (objectives, target market, product features and benefits, competitive analysis, etc.) to proactively define your product’s distinct offerings compared to competitors’ products. This comprehensive vision statement worksheet helps you specify all projected feature-development details and present the big picture of your product’s unique qualities.

Product Vision Statement Template

Product Vision Statement Template

Download Product Vision Statement Template

Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF

Manage the development of your product vision with this comprehensive product vision statement. List product-specific details for your product’s development (e.g., "How would developing this product help us achieve our business goals?”) in a single, shareable document. Easily create and track the development of your product’s vision to gain a holistic view of how your product is unique, what you want to achieve with it, and how it helps you attain your business goals.

Product Vision Box Template

Product Vision Box Template

Download Product Vision Box Template

Microsoft Word | Microsoft PowerPoint  | Google Slides

Use this in-depth template to create a product vision plan that summarizes your product vision, including the situation description, your target audience, the distinctive traits your product provides, and more. Enter unique product benefits, advantages, and features to outline how your product development strategy will help attain your organization’s goals and capture market share.

Product Vision and Strategy Document

Product Vision and Strategy Document Template

Download Product Vision and Strategy Document

Microsoft Word | Google Docs | Smartsheet

Create an all-inclusive product vision outline that summarizes your unique product vision, including business goals, target audience, strategy, product details, and more. Whereas a product roadmap offers an outline for how you will execute your product strategy, this strategic product vision and strategy template offers competitive analyses, product distribution and partnership details, and finance and market research sections. 

For comprehensive details on successful product roadmapping, see “Your Complete Guide to Product Roadmaps.”

Software Product Vision Template

Software Product Vision Template

Download Software Product Vision Template - Microsoft Word

Ensure that you have accounted for all the essential details in your software product’s development with this simple software product vision template. Enter your product’s situation description, target audience, positioning statement (describing what the product is, who the product is for, what the product provides, what makes the product unique, and what advantages the product offers) to keep all stakeholders, team members, and product sponsors apprised of your product’s intentions and proposed development. 

For more on making your product vision a reality, see “Best Practices and Expert Tips for Creating Product Roadmaps.”

What Makes a Great Product Vision?

A product vision defines your product’s purpose. A great product vision articulates that mission thoroughly and meticulously to all your team members. It is the blueprint — the guiding light — for your product’s development and overall strategy. 

But how do team members, including product owners, product managers, marketers, designers, project managers, and developers, create great product visions? They clearly define the purpose, desired results, audience, problem-solving aspects, and organizational benefits of the product. But they also create great product visions by listening to their customers. 

End users are key to the success of a product’s vision, development, and rollout. A great product vision conveys an understanding of a customer’s needs.

By listening to your customers — and truly hearing them when they tell you what they need and want from a product — you’ll be able to create a successful product vision that’s customer and market driven. In fact, understanding your customer, through user and market research, is the key to developing a great product vision.

What Is a Product Vision Board?

A product vision board is the primary vehicle you use to describe your product’s vision and strategy. The board helps you achieve this goal by addressing the following questions: 

  • What is the purpose of your product? 
  • What positive outcomes should your product generate? 
  • Who — what audience — is your product intended for? 
  • What problem(s) does your product solve? 
  • How will your product benefit your organization and meet its goals? 

As mentioned, while a product vision defines your product’s purpose and lays the groundwork for strategic planning, a product vision board enables you to visualize your product’s development and reach by helping you answer vital questions.

What Is the Purpose of a Product Vision Board?

A product vision board serves as the foundation for your overall product strategy. The board allows you to effectively capture your comprehensive product vision, including the nature of your product, your target market, your desired results, and more. 

A product vision board also helps you identify the ways in which your product meets your organization’s goals. Moreover, the board is highly adaptable and flexible, giving you the crucial ability to account for continual changes in the marketplace. 

By adhering to the requirements of a product vision board, team members can proactively discuss the product’s strengths and determine its ultimate goals. Once you visualize and write up your product vision, you can easily address your target market’s needs and begin developing your key product features and strategy.

What Is a Product Vision Template?

A product vision template is a centralized, shareable document that helps guide you through the entire product-vision process, from product conception through product release and beyond.

This template enables you to create and manage your product vision, so you can capture and reinforce that vision’s most significant details. 

Though product vision templates may vary, they most often include the following universal questions. Answer these questions to the best of your ability so that you can ensure the success of your product’s development and execution: 

  • What is the purpose of the product? 
  • What positive change should result from the product? 
  • Who are the product’s customers?
  • What problem(s) does the product solve? 
  • What benefit(s) does the product provide? 
  • What makes the product different? 
  • How does the product benefit your company? 

Product vision board templates also frequently include the following sections to help you further define product vision and strategy: 

  • Competitive Analysis Details: Competitor products, features, etc. 
  • Development: Schedule, strategy, quality assurance, documentation plan, etc. 
  • Distribution and Partnerships: Target partners, market segments, etc. 
  • Market Research: Product data, research, and analysis. 
  • Operations: Customer support, operations, manufacturing, distribution, etc. 
  • Position Statement: Target market, point(s) of differentiation, frame of reference, reason to believe, etc. 
  • Product Details: Product backstory, selling points, feature log, product facts, etc. 
  • Product Finance: Budget, pricing model, etc. 
  • Product Release: Market deliverables, activity overview, etc.  
  • Product Sales: Team structure, strategy, etc. 
  • Product Vision Info: Product name, date of product conception, team members, etc. 
  • Strategy Outlook: Product objectives, positioning, features, marketing strategy, competitive analysis, projected timeline, etc. 
  • Target Audience: Product brand target, desired reaction, targeted users, etc. 

By answering these product-vision questions and filling out these details from the start, you and your product team members can rest assured that, as you develop your product, you’ll have a solid foundation in place for your eventual product’s success.

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