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Smartsheet Contributor Kate Eby

Jan 18, 2017

A timeline template is a useful tool for creating a schedule, tracking events, and visualizing the tasks and milestones involved in a project. A Gantt chart (or another visual timeline representation) makes it easy to see important stages, deadlines, and outcomes - whether you’re managing a project, planning an event, creating a marketing plan, or just prioritizing a to-do list. 

To save you time and help boost efficiency, we’re providing several free Google timeline templates that are easy to use and edit. Like all Google Docs templates, these can be shared with others when saved to Google Drive or another cloud storage service, which allows colleagues to access the timeline as needed. Smartsheet also offers customizable timeline templates with enhanced features, including easy collaboration for shared viewing and editing.

Simple Timeline Template - Google Docs


Open Simple Timeline Template - Google Docs

This template provides a simple visual timeline that can be used for project management planning, as a communication tool with team members, as part of a presentation, or for any project or schedule that needs to be displayed on a timeline. You can modify it to show specific dates, years, quarters, or whatever time frame suits your needs. Use it to plan ahead, mark important milestones, and track progress over time.

Gantt Chart - Google Docs


Open Gantt Chart - Google Docs

A Gantt chart offers a visual timeline in the form of a bar chart that shows scheduled tasks or events. This template combines a spreadsheet with a Gantt chart, so you can see details about each task while getting a quick overview of the entire project. The chart makes it easy to identify project dependencies and plan accordingly.

Project Timeline Template - Google Sheets


Open Project Timeline Template - Google Sheets

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This project timeline template is another take on a Gantt chart template, providing a simple chart for creating a project schedule that is broken down into stages. This offers a timeline not only for quarterly deadlines, but also for visualizing each phase of a project. You can use this template for planning, scheduling, and tracking, and update it as issues arise.

Project Tracking Template - Google Sheets


Open Project Tracking Template - Google Sheets

Rather than a visual timeline, this tracking template is a spreadsheet designed with project management in mind. You can use it to prioritize all the tasks in a project’s scope, including outlining a schedule with start and end dates, and tracking data such as task ownership, costs involved, and deliverables due. Create a comprehensive project timeline in a spreadsheet format.

Event Marketing Timeline Template - Google Sheets


Open Event Marketing Timeline Template - Google Sheets

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This event timeline template shows a detailed schedule for each stage of a marketing plan. The elements of each campaign are itemized and then scheduled on a weekly basis, providing a calendar view. Depending on the type and scope of your event and marketing needs, you can edit the template so that the timeline shows other dates or different campaign types.

Historical Timeline Template - Google Docs


Open Historical Timeline Template - Google Docs

A historical timeline template lets you track events over a certain time period, highlighting accomplishments or significant occurrences. This template can be used to outline the history of a company or product, to summarize the achievements of an individual or organization, or as part of a school history project. Simply add dates and events to the pre-formatted template to create your timeline.

How to Make a Timeline in Google Docs

If you want to create your own Google timeline template, you have a couple of options:

  • First, you can create a visual timeline using Google Drawings. To do this, open your Google Drive account and open a new Google Drawings file. Then, use the tools provided to add lines, text, and color to create the timeline you envision. 
  • You can also add your timeline data to a Google spreadsheet and use that sheet to populate a visual timeline. This either requires using an online timeline tool designed to work with the data in your spreadsheet, or having enough programming skills to create your own timeline. 
  • If you don’t need a visual timeline, the final option is to simply use a Google spreadsheet to list all the elements of your timeline along with start and end dates, as well as any other pertinent data. While this is more of a tracking or scheduling tool, it still works as a timeline: you can organize tasks or events by date and see the progression of a project or plan as it is carried out.

Use Smartsheet to Track and Monitor Projects with a Timeline Template

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