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Which project management philosophy works best for your business? Smartsheet compares Agile and Waterfall.
There are a number of competing project management methodologies and philosophies in the modern business world. We’ve taken a comprehensive, in-depth look at four of the most popular project management methodologies: Agile, Waterfall, Scrum, and Kanban. For a full look at the competing strategies, we encourage you to read the full post. Although there are plenty of ways to approach the nuts and bolts of project management, there are two primary overarching philosophies: Agile and Waterfall. Let’s take a closer look at these two philosophies, what they mean, and which is right for your team. Waterfall is perhaps more accurately described as the “traditional” philosophy of project
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3 Tips to Streamline IT Project Management
Project management requires a set of broadly applicable skills and tools, regardless of your field or discipline. The things that make a project manager effective won’t vary too much from industry to industry, but every space has its own idiosyncrasies. IT project management can sometimes seem like its own beast entirely. Because IT requires heavily specialized skills and knowledge, and is often the foundation of much of your other work, project management in the IT field can be exceptionally intimidating. Compared to something concrete like construction, technology and code is always changing and can feel difficult to master. By following these tips and tactics, however, you can position yourself to
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Smartsheet is continuously looking for ways to work with our strategic partners to build the knowledge of our developer base. Investing in opportunities to share knowledge, promote ideas, and build the developer community benefits everyone involved. As part of this effort, we recently hosted a “Google I/O Extended” event in downtown Bellevue, Washington, where our office headquarters are located. Google I/O Extended events help expand the reach of Google’s I/O developer conference to local developer groups around the world. Annual Event Builds Local CommunitySmartsheet is one of Google Apps Premier Technology Partners and we were one of the first solutions named in the “ Recommended for
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5 Must-Have Project Management Templates
Smartsheet’s powerful suite of project management solutions empowers project managers to use the tools that work best for their teams and departments. In addition to fostering the best practices for project management, it’s important to know how to tailor your Smartsheet experience for every project from virtually any department of your business. One of Smartsheet’s biggest strengths is the ability to create and share helpful templates for a variety of use cases. Let’s look at five Smartsheet templates that will boost your project management skills with structured collaboration. A project manager’s bread and butter, this all-purpose project management template
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Mimicking Baseline Functionality in Smartsheet
Smartsheet is a powerful tool with a growing list of smart work management features — and we’re always adding more to meet our customers’ demands. Just recently, for instance, we added the ability to include images in Sights, our premium Smartsheet add-on. Even as we expand Smartsheet’s functionality, we find that some customers are still discovering our many existing tools. One of the things we’re frequently asked is how to add baseline functionality to Smartsheet. While we don’t currently have any native baseline support, the power and flexibility of the tools already available to our Smartsheet customers mean it’s a snap to mimic. Baselining is a useful tool for
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