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You can’t hide from it – the increasing panic that there isn’t a magic methodology that works for every team even within the same department or project. It isn’t shocking that leading productivity apps are launching alternate ways to work with the same kinds of tasks in order to cater to different styles of work. The nature of work is changing just as fast as the demands from workers are changing – both from the top of organizations down and the bottom up. Collaboration software providers are racing to deliver the best solutions. If you rewind a few years, enterprise software and team collaboration tools were entirely different animals. Large organizations selected big,
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As a Security Solutions Engineer for a little over a decade now, I’ve seen the challenges IT departments face, and accompanying security concerns, change with the advent of a number of trends. We’ve experienced the rise of SaaS solutions, BYOD, BYOA… and while the challenges that accompany Shadow IT evolve over time, it continues to be a problem that IT departments face. A common thread across all of these trends is the end-user desire to have more control over the way they get their work done. Whether that’s in the form of using personal smartphones for business or bringing an app in under official IT radar, users are increasingly emboldened to seek out solutions that help them find
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