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Templates for adding images to your sheets.
Smartsheet’s latest feature gives you the ability to embed images into the cells of your sheets. With this newest upgrade, you can pair images with data for deeper insight, or share design proposals for instant feedback. Embedding images (instead of clicking to open individual attachments) gives more visually-inclined workers one more tool to track project progress at a glance. From retail lookbook layouts to contractor punch lists, the applications for seeing images in your sheets span any department of your organization. Unlike other spreadsheet models, your images are embedded in cells, rather than floating on the surface as an overlay. Images remain in the context of their rows, even as the
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Smartsheet templates for marketing professionals.
People tend to imagine marketers — especially marketing creatives — as an improvisational, wild bunch, shifting from visionary brainstorms to bouts of procrastination. A bit of chaos can get the creativity flowing, but at the end of the day, any account executive will tell you marketing is about concrete, measurable results. But when 44% of B2B marketers don’t keep a documented content plan, what does the road to results look like? If you’re a marketer, there’s a good chance you have a skilled team of strategists and creatives executing projects without a clear, documented plan to steer their course. Don’t worry, we won’t tell. But it’s time to realize the value
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How Smartsheet created a more effective and efficient onboarding process for new hires.
What makes for a stand-out onboarding process? Ideal onboarding practices run like a well-choreographed performance, with a lot of work and preparation happening behind the scenes. And while it may seem like a small thing when you consider the longevity of an entire career, we all know that first impressions set the stage for what’s to come. Ensuring that a new employee’s first experiences are positive — from job offer to day one with the team — takes planning, organization, and even a touch of flair. As Smartsheet’s HR and Recruitment Manager, I have made it my mission to refine our onboarding process down to an impactful set of communications and meetings. Shortly after the new
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Aurum, the 2015 University of Michigan Solar Car
We’re on a remote beach of Fraser Island, off the coast of Australia. The University of Michigan Solar Car Team is decompressing from the 2015 Solar Car World Championship, in which our team placed fourth — making us the number one team from North America. Our achievements this year put us in the excellent company of those who came before us in the University of Michigan Solar Car Team’s legacy of innovation and achievement. The race was the culmination of two years of tireless planning that went into Aurum, our thirteenth solar car. Now that the race is over, we only have a bit of time to reflect on how everything went before we jump into planning the next one. It’s been an awesome
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Customize web forms for ease of use.
Web forms are one of Smartsheet’s most unique features. This customizable method of data gathering is ideal for simple consolidation of stats, surveys, supply orders, content requests, and more. Setting up a Web form is quick and intuitive, and saves hours of emailing or manually entering data. Submissions are automatically collected in a designated sheet for analysis. When paired with reminders and notifications, Web forms provide automated actionable tasks for team members associated with the submission sheet. Those who love Web forms already know about their time-saving customization for even one-time use. But if your team uses the same Web form frequently, you can make them even more efficient with
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