Turn marketing department chaos into a smooth operation.

by Melissa Hopelain

Editor’s note: Dan Bloom, who works as a senior manager of marketing solutions and partnerships at Smartsheet, contributed to this article. 

If you work in marketing, you know that there’s growing pressure to move faster, produce more, stand out, and cut through the noise, all operationalizing your department so that it can be as effective as possible.

Your marketing organization is being challenged like never before, often asked to do more with fewer resources while showing return on investment (ROI) for every campaign and content asset that it creates. 

When teams don’t work as one, it becomes increasingly difficult to move a business forward. In fact, a recent study found that 67% of businesses suffer from reduced ROI due to siloed marketing activities, and that inefficient marketing efforts lead to 32% longer campaign cycle time. 

Align your marketing program

The Smartsheet Accelerator for Marketing Shared Services
The Smartsheet Accelerator for Marketing Shared Services helps you collaborate more effectively on creative work.


Whether you work for an enterprise or smaller business, your marketing department is likely the most interconnected within your organization, giving it the broadest reach. You’re asked to work using a variety of tools and are consistently included in multiple workstreams. 

When you work on a new product campaign, for example, you own workstreams, and have to collaborate with co-workers in design, marketing automation, and others who own different stages of the overall process. Sound familiar (and chaotic)? It is.  

When you combine this chaos with the increased focus on tactics such as email sends, paid social targeting, pay per click (PPC), boothing at industry events, or writing product release blog posts, it’s easy to lose sight of how these tactics bubble up to campaign success. Instead of obsessing over metrics associated with these tactics, it can be more impactful to focus your marketing efforts on decreasing the number of things that customers have to do in order to make an educated purchase.  

To help address these challenges, we’ve created three new pre-built solutions that utilize best practices to quickly solve marketing headaches, at scale. These three new Smartsheet Accelerators help marketers transform this chaos into operationalized processes for campaign management, marketing shared services, and events.

New Accelerators for driving marketing impact 

Marketing campaign management dashboard in Smartsheet
The Smartsheet Accelerator for Campaign Management includes a campaign calendar for organizing marketing activities for new launches.


Marketing organizations are multi-faceted, omnichannel, content powerhouses that need to be strategic, dynamic, collaborative, proactive, responsive, and flexible in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for their diverse campaigns. 

Our three new solutions for marketing departments leverage the Smartsheet work execution platform to help you increase the effectiveness of your operations and campaigns while getting the chaos under control: 

  • The Accelerator for Campaign Management: Drive transformation by increasing campaign effectiveness through enabling marketing organizations to focus on the strategy that ultimately delivers impactful tactics.

  • The Accelerator for Marketing Shared Services: Enable teams to manage requests and prioritization, providing standardization and transparency into processes to efficiently complete projects on time. 

  • The Accelerator for Events: Empowers cross-functional teams to plan, manage, and deliver events while increasing transparency and accountability across stakeholders. 

Smartsheet helps you support the business 

Events dashboard in Smartsheet
The Smartsheet Accelerator for Events helps you manage all marketing events activities in one place, in real time.


The Smartsheet platform brings together a way to view, resource, and track work across your organization, at scale. Kevin Branscum, a manager of brand marketing and content at Blue Nile, an online retailer of certified diamonds and fine jewelry, shared his strategy using Smartsheet to manage marketing activities.   

“We're being asked to support the business with impactful content at an increasingly higher volume—with no change to headcount. It's crucial that we operate as nimbly as possible while still delivering great work," says Branscum. “The right technology can help remove complexity and allow us to focus on what's truly important, and that's why we see a lot of value in the Smartsheet platform and roadmap." 

We worked with customers, our professional services team, and experts in the industry to build solutions to address these key areas that impact marketing departments: 

  • Strategic planning: Establish a methodology for setting objectives and key results, while achieving organizational alignment around the work you’re doing. 

  • Requests and resource management: Prioritize work, assign resources, and automate a notification flow to reduce the noise that your colleagues experience during the week. 

  • Project and work management: Effectively work and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders, ensuring that things are getting done on time and under budget. 

  • Reporting and visibility: Surface work and statuses to your leadership and to the rest of your stakeholders, so everyone understands goals and is on the same page. 

  • Content review and approval: Reduce the amount of context switching that individuals have to do, and allow them to review, collaborate, and iterate on content directly in Smartsheet. 

Now, as departments expand and organizations enter new markets, Smartsheet Accelerators for Marketing provide the single-source of truth everyone needs to stay on the same page. They empower businesses to surface important insights and strategies to help you inspire customers and make a bigger impact on your business. 

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