Free Project Closeout Templates

By Kate Eby | April 16, 2021

In this article, you’ll find the most useful free templates for conducting and documenting an efficient project closure. Download, edit, print, and share these closeout templates in Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and PDF. 

On this page, you’ll find a construction project closeout checklist, a simple project management closeout report, a project closure meeting template with lessons learned, and other template options.

Construction Project Closeout Checklist Template

Construction Project Closeout Checklist Template

Download Construction Project Closeout Checklist Template - Microsoft Excel

This closeout checklist template includes sample entries that you can adapt to your specific project. Add all of the procedures and items you need to successfully complete your project, including the documents that comprise your final construction project closeout report. 

Customize the template by inserting your company logo, your project details, and any additional spreadsheet columns. 

For more construction project management tools, including a punch list template, check out these free Excel construction management templates.

Project Management Project Closure Template

Project Management Project Closure Template

Download Project Management Project Closure Template

Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF | Smartsheet

Create a project closeout document template that enables you to examine performance, outcomes, lessons learned, and recommendations. This template provides a basic outline for creating a comprehensive closeout report. 

This project closure template is appropriate for project managers working in a variety of fields. It enables you to compare project baselines (such as scope, schedule, budget, and deliverables) with actual results. Include analyses of communications management, team performance, and learning outcomes. List any supporting documents in the appendix table.

Simple Project Closeout Report Template

Simple Project Closeout Report Template

Download Simple Project Closeout Report Template

Microsoft Word  | Adobe PDF

This one-page report provides sections for the project summary, roles and responsibilities, deliverables, project costs, schedule, and lessons learned. The template includes separate sections for planned outcomes and final outcomes to show which elements of the project were more or less successful. 

Include recommendations and approval signatures at the bottom of the template. Create a brief closure document or expand the template to suit your needs.

Project Closeout Meeting Template

Project Closeout Meeting Template

Download Project Closeout Meeting Template

Microsoft Excel | Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF  | Smartsheet

Whether you’re conducting a project post-mortem, retrospective, or after-action review, this template provides a sample guide for developing a meeting agenda. It includes example questions regarding project criteria, objectives, performance, highlights, challenges, outstanding tasks, and future considerations. 

Examine the lessons learned from each project phase, and create an action plan to improve future projects. Use the data you collected in the closeout meeting to inform your project closure report.

Project Closeout Plan Template

Project Closeout Plan Template

Download Project Closeout Plan Template

Microsoft Excel | Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF  | Smartsheet

This project closure plan template offers a simple checklist to help you plan and track the project completion process. It includes example questions related to the acceptance of deliverables, knowledge transfer, documentation, administrative tasks, and post-project review. 

Edit the template to include all activities you need for successful project completion. Include a task owner and due date for each item. At the top of the template, note the project title, project manager, and dates for the planned versus actual project closure.

Project Closure Presentation Template

Project Closure Presentation Template

Download Project Closure Presentation Template - Microsoft PowerPoint

Present stakeholders with a project closure review using this Microsoft PowerPoint presentation template. The slides highlight the performance metrics, schedule variances, quality outcomes, budget details, and strengths and weaknesses of the project team. 

Lessons learned, action items, and ideas for future improvements round out the template. A variety of slide formats provide visual interest while allowing adequate room for detailed analysis.

Software Project Closure Report Template

Software Project Closure Report

Download Software Project Closure Report Template

Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF

This document serves as a traditional or agile project closure template, providing the foundation for a comprehensive report. If you’re transitioning to a new manager during your project, you can include information on specific tasks, such as handovers and reassignments. 

The template provides section headings and tables for an easy-to-read format. Template segments include project overview, competition criteria, outstanding issues and risks, contract closure with vendors, documentation management, lessons learned with action plan, and project closure approvals.

Engineering Project Closeout Report Template

Engineering Project Closeout Report Template

Download Engineering Project Closeout Report Template

Microsoft Excel | Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF 

Suitable for engineering, construction, and government-funded projects, this closeout report template provides a concise yet thorough outline. Create a record of the project’s initial and final costs, as well as schedule changes, funding sources, supplier contract information, and final deliverables. 

Attach all required documents and attain sign-off authorization for project closure acceptance. Modify the template based on the type and scope of your project to customize your closeout report.

What Is a Project Closure Template?

Project closure templates save project managers time by providing organized checklists for completion planning, post-mortem agendas for project review, and formal closeout reports for approval signoff from clients and internal stakeholders. 

By offering all of these capabilities, closure templates enable you to do exactly what this final phase of the project lifecycle requires: pay close attention to detail and document accurately. Make the templates work for you by customizing them for your business, project, and client needs. To learn more about the elements involved in closing a project and conducting an effective review, see “The Complete Guide for a Successful Project Closeout.”

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