Free Project Timeline Templates

Smartsheet Contributor Kate Eby

Jul 17, 2019

In this article, you’ll find the best, most helpful project timeline templates to download and use in order to better track and manage your projects. For additional project management templates, like project trackers and Gantt charts, check out this article.

Included on this page, you'll find a large grouping of project timeline templates, including a simple project timeline template, a strategic planning timeline template, an annual project timeline template, and many more.

Project Milestone Chart Template


Plot important project milestones and view their dates of delivery, their status, and the person responsible with this visual project milestone chart template. Stay on top of each important project date and task, and share among team members to improve visibility into how a project is progressing.

Download Project Milestone Chart Template

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Project Timeline Template



Project Timeline Template

Display key project information, like tasks and important milestones, using this timeline template. Track task start and end dates, and view them against each other in weekly, monthly, or yearly views. Color-code the tasks based on phases or categories to gain a quick overview of how your project is progressing.

Download Project Timeline Template

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Event Marketing Timeline Template

List all the important information for a specific marketing campaign or initiative, like campaign type, phase name, and start and end dates, so you’re always on top of the marketing projects that are going live. You can plan, track, and monitor the success of your efforts and customize the template for all sizes and types of events.

Download Event Marketing Timeline Template

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Marketing Project Timeline Template



Marketing Timeline Template

Visually show each stage of your marketing plan with this colorful, customizable marketing project timeline template. Use this template to show the phases of the plan and all associated details, and present specific information to key stakeholders in order to keep them informed of your progress. With this professionally designed template, you’re bound to gain buy-in and streamline your planning process.

Download Marketing Project Timeline Template

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Simple Project Timeline Template



Simple Project Timeline Template

With this simple timeline template, document tasks and subtasks, assign them to team members, and mark them off as the team completes them to stay on top of your project. Identify start and end dates for each task, and the duration will automatically calculate (in days). 

Download Simple Project Timeline Template 

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Strategic Planning Timeline Template



Strategic Planning Timeline Template

Designed to help you strategically think through and plan out your project, this timeline template highlights specific goals and tasks over a predetermined period of time. Use this template to separate tasks by category and facilitate discussion around the most important tasks and when team members should complete them.

‌ Download Strategic Planning Timeline Template — Excel

Annual Project Timeline Template



Track every task or initiative that goes into a project on a visual, 12-month timeline, so you can better prepare for all project efforts over the course of the year. This template gives you the ability to track current projects and view past tasks in a summary view in order to assess performance and make future business decisions. 

‌ Download Annual Project Timeline Template — Excel

6-Month Project Timeline Template



6 Month Project Timeline Template

Track your project in increments of six months, or plan a six-month-long project, with this timeline template specifically designed for half-year-long projects. List your start and end dates and their durations, and compare them against other project tasks to get an accurate picture of how your project is progressing.

‌ Download 6-Month Project Timeline Template — Excel

Weekly Project Timeline Template



Weekly Project Timeline Template

View your project at a glance with this timeline template designed for weekly viewing. Track each task by the week, identify who is responsible for what task, and document task names — or color-code them — with this easy-to-use, weekly project timeline template.

‌ Download Weekly Project Timeline Template — Excel

Business Planning Timeline Template



Summarize key objectives, identify actionable steps, and plan for large business initiatives with this business planning timeline template. Easily schedule and edit the dates as your project changes, and note any updates within the section for additional information, so everyone stays in the loop on business progress.

‌ Download Business Planning Timeline Template — Word

Hourly Schedule Template



Hourly Schedule Template

Plan a single work day by the hour, add additional notes relevant to each task throughout the day, and gain a weekly overview of each completed or outstanding task with this customizable hourly schedule template. Ensure your day is organized and on track by staying on top of all your tasks, and keep high-priority tasks top of mind.

Download Hourly Schedule Template

Excel | Word | PDF

IT Project Timeline Template



IT Project Timeline Template

With this project timeline template designed for IT projects, you can list sprints, assign each one to a specific team member, and track their progress. Maintain visibility into any project changes as you view the status of each sprint to ensure your time-sensitive project conforms to the proposed timeline.

‌ Download IT Project Timeline Template — Excel

Printable Project Timeline Template



Printable Project Timeline Template

This project timeline template allows you to document tasks, identify necessary resources, and view start and end dates in order to get a better idea of how your project is progressing. This template is specifically formatted for you to easily print and share with other team members, as well as internal or external stakeholders. Now, everyone can stay in the loop, whether or not they have digital access to the project timeline.

Download Printable Project Timeline Template

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