Become an expert with Smartsheet Certification

by Crystal Morey

The Smartsheet work execution platform is helping teams improve collaboration, manage work in real-time, automate workflows, and deploy new processes at scale. But, not everyone has time to learn everything there is to know about our features and functionality.

Within each of our customer organizations, there are experts who play a key role in empowering their teams to use Smartsheet effectively. They are defined by the various ways that they elevate and influence how their organization uses and implements Smartsheet.

Internally, these people may provide ad-hoc training, troubleshoot challenges, or demonstrate potential use cases. Externally, they may participate in Smartsheet training, attend a Smartsheet User Group, or participate in the Smartsheet Early Adopter Program.

And those who choose to go the extra mile also become certified users through the Smartsheet Certification Program.


Classroom of people listening to presenter

The Smartsheet Certification Program provides a confirmation of skill proficiency with the Smartsheet platform, enabling certified users to market their abilities both internally to their team, and externally within their networks.

Certified users hold a variety of job titles ranging from project managers to developers, marketing managers to operations managers, and more. The common thread? They are driven to develop their Smartsheet skill sets. No matter what your role, certification can help you positively impact the way you and your team use Smartsheet.

Interested in becoming a Smartsheet certified user? The Smartsheet Certification Program offers two exams: Product Certification and Solution Certification. Learn about the two certification offerings and how you can prepare for them below.

Product Certification

Product Certification is offered year-round as part of the Center of Excellence, your ongoing training resource for everything Smartsheet. Product Certification can confirm for you that you have knowledge of the features and functions within the core Smartsheet application as well as the ability to apply these capabilities in a way that maximizes your impact.

If you would like to purchase Product Certification a-la-carte, without a subscription to the Center of Excellence, you can do so here.

Solution Certification

Smartsheet offers two different types of Solution Certification: Process Management and Project Management. Solution Certification is currently only offered in-person at the Smartsheet ENGAGE global customer conference. Passing this exam certifies your ability to create an end-to-end solution in Smartsheet within a four-hour time window from a set of business pain points and project requirements.

Solution Certification can confirm that you understand how to take and use Smartsheet to build complex solutions for you and your team and empower you to optimize your everyday workflows.

Learn more about the Solution Certification exam here.


Why get Certified?

The Smartsheet Certification program was created to cultivate a global community of users who can provide thought leadership and on-the-ground authority within their organizations.  Becoming certified provides you with a way to thoroughly understand the product and solve more complex business challenges within Smartsheet — for yourself and others.

We know this because the true value of certification is reported by our certified users themselves. Customers who have undergone Smartsheet Certification share that it’s valuable because it allows them to:

  • Gain the credibility necessary to become a valuable resource within their companies

  • Demonstrate and communicate their skill sets to their professional networks

  • Teach Smartsheet to others within their company

  • Make suggestions for implementation within their organization

Every one of our certified users strives to elevate their personal success alongside their team’s success. Are you ready to take your knowledge of Smartsheet to the next level by becoming certified?

Preparing for Certification

If you want to elevate your knowledge of Smartsheet, you can prepare for certification by taking Product Certification Track courses for Product Certification and Solution Proficiency Track courses for Solution Certification. These classes are offered year-round, online and in-person.

Learn more about getting Smartsheet Certified here or email us today at for more information.