Webinar: How Sunoco Builds a High Yielding M&A Program with Smartsheet

Sunoco Optimizes their M&A Program  - 3 Minute Trailer

In this brief 3 minute preamble to the full 45 minute webinar recording, you will get quick insights into how Sunoco leverages Smartsheet to optimize target management, pre-deal, and deal initiatives. You’ll see how work management is obliterating old schools of thought when it comes to managing M&A business processes at scale.

How Sunoco Optimizes their M&A Program - Full Webinar

M&A activity is increasing and it’s crucial that you stay ahead of your competitors! In this video, you’ll learn the essential insights from Ryan McLaughlin, Senior Manager, Sunoco Strategy & Optimization, as to how best prepare for the recent industry growth in M&A activity, as well as: (1) Why the leading indicators for M&A activity require business leaders to not only expand their activity levels but accelerate deal closure timing, (2) What leading M&A experts and customers like Sunoco are doing today to adapt and optimize for this critical trend and (3) Best practices and key learnings for you to take advantage of this high growth in M&A!