Free Google Docs Project Management Templates

By Kate Eby | May 25, 2022

We’ve compiled free Google Docs project management templates essential for project managers, project sponsors, quality assurance, team members, and other personnel. Plan, monitor, and deliver your projects with these templates. 

Included on this page, you'll find a project management timeline template, a project management Gantt chart template, an Agile project charter template, a project management business requirements template, and a project management quality control template, all in Google Docs format. You’ll also find a list of best practices for using a Google Docs project management template.

Project Management Timeline Template

Project Management Timeline Template

Download Project Management Timeline Template – Google Docs

Ensure that you meet all project deliverables with this simple project management timeline template, which helps you schedule key milestones, project phases, and individual tasks. When  you assign each milestone to a business quarter in the Milestones table, a sequential view of your project’s phase and task start and end dates will populate in the Phases timeline. This simple project timeline is the perfect tool for project managers to keep sponsors, team members, and other stakeholders apprised of a project’s due dates and status. 

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Project Management Gantt Chart Template

Project Management Gantt Chart Template

Download Project Management Gantt Chart Template – Google Docs

Use this project management Gantt chart template to create project tasks, assign task owners, set start and end dates, and monitor task completion. The template’s phase-by-phase Gantt chart provides you with color-coded task durations and percentage completed for each task. Follow the template’s project phases, from Project Conception and Initiation and Project Definition and Planning to Project Launch and Execution and Project Performance and Monitoring, to ensure that you account for all deliverables and individual tasks. By doing so, you can guarantee that all team members are aware of their responsibilities and the project is set up for success.  

For more Gantt chart resources and templates, see this comprehensive collection of Gantt chart templates.

Agile Project Charter Template

Agile Project Charter Template Updated

Download Agile Project Charter Template – Google Docs 

Keep all Agile project engineers, architects, QA personnel, and Scrum masters in the know with this comprehensive Agile project charter template. The template includes a General Project Information section for your Agile charter’s basic details, such as project name and Scrum master, and a Project Details section, where you can provide your charter’s executive summary, objectives, expected benefits, scope, estimated cost and resources, milestones, and success metrics. This template is a perfect solution for program managers or Scrum masters to describe an Agile project in its entirety.

Project Management Business Requirements Template

Business Requirements Document Template

Download Project Management Business Requirements Template – Google Docs

Improve your project’s chances of success with this easy-to-fill, comprehensive project management business requirements template. The template includes helpful explanatory text to ensure that you fully define your project’s business needs, whom the project will benefit, and how the project will be developed and executed. This customizable template allows you to edit each section column name to suit your project’s particular needs. By doing so, you can ensure that your project moves successfully from the requirements stage to planning and development.

Project Management Quality Control Template

Project Management Quality Control Template

Download Project Management Quality Control Template – Google Docs 

Keep your project on track for high-quality delivery with this project management quality control template. Enter a unique ID for each defect, the defect type, who detected the defect, priority (e.g., critical, high, medium, or low), severity, and current status. By listing each project bug, you and your team can address and eventually resolve defects and ensure that you maintain high overall project quality.

Project Definition Template

Project Definition Template

Download Project Definition Template – Google Docs

Designed to help you identify all components of an upcoming project, this project definition template is the perfect tool for project managers to define project objectives, scope, milestones, resources, and responsibilities. Enter project overview details such as the problem or issue, project purpose, business case, goals and metrics, and expected deliverables. List details of your project’s scope, tentative schedule, resources, costs, risks, constraints, and assumptions to ensure that your project is adequately defined and on track to be green-lit.

Multiple Project Roadmap Template

Multiple Project Roadmap Template

Download Multiple Project Roadmap Template – Google Docs 

This multiple project roadmap template allows you to enter project-by-project phases and tasks so that you and your team can work on multiple projects simultaneously. With built-in, color-coded status and risk assessment keys, this visually dynamic template provides easy-to-read status updates at a glance. Drag and drop phases or tasks and lengthen their durations as needed to accommodate each of your projects’ elements and keep them all running optimally. 

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Project Action Plan Template

Project Action Plan Template

Download Project Action Plan Template – Google Docs 

Use this project action plan template to create a dynamic action plan that will help you achieve all project goals. In the template’s Action section, enter the action steps for each project goal or task and the team member assigned to it, along with its priority, status, start and end date, and expected duration. This engaging, reusable project action plan template will keep all team members in the loop and help project leaders identify areas for improvement.

Project Progress Report Template

Project Progress Report Template

Download Project Progress Report Template – Google Docs 

Use this simple, customizable project progress report template to assess daily project development. Enter project overview details, daily overall progress, and any project delays or incidents so that you can provide stakeholders with a day-by-day progress report. Compare each day’s progress to your project plan, ensuring you are on track to meet all deliverables in your project plan. 

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Performance Project Report Template

Performance Project Report Template

Download Performance Project Report Template – Google Docs 

Keep your project team members on track for delivering a high-quality project with this performance project report template. Easily track task statuses, estimated completion dates, and project milestones directly in the template. A Project Details section enables you to assess the schedule performance, budget performance, quality, and risks of each project activity. By doing so, you can communicate the project’s key performance elements and statuses to project sponsors and other stakeholders. 

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Project Control Report Template

Project Control Report Template

Download Project Control Report Template – Google Docs 

The effort and time you put into your project control will pay off by ensuring that your project is delivered on time and providing valuable insight into your project management process. This visually rich project control report template helps you keep your project on track by color coding project item risks and roadblocks, potential risks, and on-track items for quick and easy reference. Use the Overall Project Status section to inform team members and stakeholders of overall project status and highlights.

What Is a Google Docs Project Management Template?

A Google Docs project management template is a document that helps guide you through the phases of a project lifecycle, from planning to delivery. Use a Google Docs project management template to plan, schedule, monitor, and fulfill your project deliverables.  

As a project manager, you need to be able to anticipate and plan for a project’s scope, budget, resources, scheduling, day-to-day development logistics, and assessment. Having the right tools in hand can help you account for all components of a project. 

A project management template helps ensure that you adequately plan, schedule, monitor, and evaluate your project.  

Though project management templates may vary, they typically include the following components: 

  • Project Name: Record the name of the project. 
  • Project Manager: Enter the name of the project manager (PM) responsible for planning, organizing, and delivering the project. 
  • Project Sponsor: List the name of the project board member sponsoring your project.  
  • Project Description: Provide a brief explanation of the project.  
  • Start Date: Set the scheduled date for the project to commence. 
  • Completion Date: Set the date by which the project should be finished.  
  • Project Overview: Provide the following project details so that your team members and other stakeholders have an understanding of what your project entails: 
    • Problem or Issue: State the problem or issue for which the end user, such as the client or target audience, needs a solution. 
    • Purpose of Project: Explain how the project will resolve the end user’s problem or issue. 
    • Business Case: Provide the business case, or justification, for undertaking your project.  
    • Goals or Metrics: List the project’s goals and the metrics or KPIs you will use to evaluate its performance.
    • Expected Deliverables: List the project’s service or product that your project will produce. 
  • Project Scope: Define the project’s scope, including requirements, functions, or features, to be delivered by project’s end, and what falls out of scope for the project. 
  • Project Schedule: Include what the project needs to achieve and when it has to do so. Typically a project schedule is set on a project timeline or Gantt chart. 
  • Resources: List the resources, such as equipment or personnel, required for the project.
  • Costs and Budget: Provide details of the project’s expected costs and any other budgetary information. 
  • Risks, Constraints, and Assumptions: Outline any potential risks, constraints, and assumptions that need to be considered for project planning. 
  • Milestones: List the specific milestones along your project timeline that must be met. Include a completion date for each. 
  • Tasks: List the following details for any task that must be completed by a project’s end: 
    • Task Title: Enter a unique title for the project task. 
    • Task Owner: List the name of the team member responsible for completing the task. 
    • Task Start Date: Enter the date that work on the task should begin.  
    • Task Due Date: Enter the date by which the task must be completed. 
    • Task Priority: List the task’s priority in being completed, such as critical, high, medium, or low.  
    • Task Status: Provide a status for the task, such as Not Started, On Hold, In Progress, or Complete.   
    • Percentage of Task Completed: Enter a percentage completed for the task. 
  • Risk Level: Provide a risk level for the entire project, and indicate whether the project is on track, includes potential risks, or faces risks and roadblocks that might delay completion.

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