Free Monthly Timesheet and Time Card Templates

We’ve compiled a variety of monthly timesheet templates that are free and easy to use. 

Included on this page, you’ll find a printable monthly timesheet template, a simple monthly timesheet template, a monthly consultant timesheet template, and a monthly timesheet template for multiple employees.

Printable Monthly Timesheet Template

Monthly Printable Timesheet Template

Download Printable Monthly Timesheet Template
Microsoft Excel | Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF

Record and track work hours by hand with this printable monthly timesheet template. This template includes columns where employees can list shift start and end times. Employees can also use the template to categorize hour types, such as vacation time, overtime, or regular work hours. Enter daily lunch break times and work hour totals for a simple, comprehensive record of your monthly hours and pay.

For additional timesheet resources, including templates for tracking work hours over different pay periods, see this collection of free timesheet and time card templates.

Simple Monthly Timesheet Template

Simple Monthly Timesheet Template

Download Simple Monthly Timesheet Template
Microsoft Excel | Adobe PDF | Google Sheets

This simple monthly timesheet template features a clearly organized grid where you can list monthly work hours. Enter start and end dates at the top of the template to define the pay period. As the month progresses, fill in hours worked, and calculate daily and monthly totals with ease. 

To record and submit work hours on a weekly basis, use one of these free weekly timesheet templates. You can also find templates for two-week pay periods in this collection of free biweekly timesheet templates.

Monthly Timesheet Template

Monthly Timesheet Template

Download Monthly Timesheet Template
Microsoft Excel | Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF | Google Docs | Google Sheets

This monthly timesheet template allows employees to enter and track regular, overtime, vacation, and other hours in a variety of formats. This template features start and finish times and daily hour totals for employees to manage their monthly hours and pay. Enter your hourly pay rate for each hour type in the Rate Per Hour row, and the template will automatically calculate accurate pay totals.

For more timesheet resources, see this collection of free Microsoft Word timesheet templates.

Monthly Consultant Timesheet Template

Consultant Monthly Timesheet Template

Download Monthly Consultant Timesheet Template
Microsoft Excel | Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF | Google Sheets

Use this monthly consultant timesheet template to document consultant hours and describe tasks for your clients. You can use the top section of this template to list consultant, client, supplier, and contractor names or ID numbers. The bottom of the template features important signoff space for dated consultant and client signatures.

For more timesheet resources in spreadsheet formats, try these free Microsoft Excel timesheet templates or free Google Sheets timesheet templates.

Monthly Timesheet Template for Multiple Employees

Monthly Timesheet Template for Multiple Employees

Download Monthly Timesheet Template for Multiple Employees
Microsoft Excel | Adobe PDF | Google Sheets

Using this monthly timesheet template, businesses can track hours and shifts for multiple employees in different departments. The table format includes shift, break, and lunch rows for simple identification. This way, managers can more easily oversee schedules. Use this timesheet template to stay organized and monitor productivity and progress across a team.

What Is a Monthly Timesheet Template?

A monthly timesheet template is a document that employees use to record and submit work hours each month. These timesheets allow employees to track shift start and end times, as well as vacation, overtime, lunch breaks, sick days, and more.

Monthly timesheets often factor in the different hourly rates when calculating totals. Employers rely on timesheet templates to calculate payroll and manage personnel budgeting. Businesses use monthly timesheet templates to track productivity across multiple departments and teams.

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