Project Status Templates and Dashboards

Smartsheet Contributor Kate Eby

March 24, 2020

In this article, you’ll find the most useful project status reports and dashboards for project managers and teams, including a Weekly Project Status Report Template and a Project Report Dashboard Template. You can also learn how to write a great status report template and how to use a status report template.

Project Status Report Template

Use this simple project status report template to standardize your company’s project status reporting process. The template includes sections where you can record overall project status, a summary, milestones, project components, work accomplished, risks and roadblocks, key takeaways, and a project schedule. This status template also includes a visually rich project timeline and a project report card section, both of which give you real-time insight into a project’s status at a glance. This reusable template is available in Excel and PowerPoint as an individual project status template and as a shareable presentation tool to bring others up to speed on a project’s status. 

To learn more about project status reports, read “The Ultimate Guide to Project Status Reports.”

Download Project Status Report Template

Word | PowerPoint | Smartsheet

Project Summary Report Template

Project Summary Report Template

This easy-to-use template helps ensure timely project delivery by providing a high-level summary of your project’s status. Download and share this template for one-off, unique projects, or save it as a template to reuse for a series of related projects. Keep tabs on the process and progress of delivering exceptional projects on time — and to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

Download Project Summary Report Template

Word | PDF

Daily Project Progress Report Template

Daily Project Progress Report Template

Use this daily project progress report template to show your coworkers and clients the progress of your project, every step of the way. Designed to showcase in-depth, day-by-day project details, this customizable report keeps everyone looped in on the project’s daily progress. The template also includes sections to note the day’s overall progress and to describe any delays or incidents, and it helps ensure that you account for every aspect of your project. 

Download Daily Project Progress Report Template

Excel | Word | PDF

Weekly Project Status Report Template

Use this customizable project status report template to get a week-by-week snapshot of your project’s development. This template allows you to enter and keep tabs on project-specific information, including overall project status, resources, scope, work accomplished, risks and roadblacks, highlights, and key takeaways. Additionally, this template provides a graphically rich timeline that shows milestones, roadblocks, and more.

Download Weekly Project Status Report Template

Excel | Word | Smartsheet

Monthly Project Status Report Template

Monthly Project Status Report Template

This monthly project status report template is the perfect tool to keep you and your team apprised of a project’s status on a month-by-month basis. Get the big picture of your project’s health and budget status, and use color-coding to see if project components are healthy, at risk, or halted. Stay proactive and organized, and keep track of every aspect of your project with this printable and shareable monthly project status report template.

Download Monthly Project Status Report Template

Excel | Word

Project Report Dashboard Template

Project Report Dashboard Template

Use this project report dashboard template as the single source to view your project’s status. This visually dynamic dashboard provides you with a timeline that includes date columns and swimlanes for each task, so you can keep tabs on the progress of each component. Tasks change color — from blue (indicating “not started”) to green (“completed”) — so that you can quickly check the pulse of your project. Use this fully customizable project status dashboard to help solidify your project plans and ensure that all stages of your project cycle are on track for completion and client satisfaction.

To find more on project management dashboards, read “How to Set Up a Project Management Dashboard in Smartsheet.” 

Download Project Report Dashboard Template - Excel

Stoplight Project Status Report Template

Stoplight Project Status Report Template

This red-yellow-green project status template provides at-a-glance visibility into the health of your project as a whole — or any facet of the project. Based on the color of your project, you can tell if it is on track, is vulnerable to potential risk, or is facing a roadblock. Gain instant insight into your project’s all-around health with this template’s visually rich, holistic view.

Download Stoplight Project Status Report Template

Excel | Word | Smartsheet

Business Project Report Template

Business Project Report Template

Jumpstart your project with this comprehensive, easy-to-use template that enables you to include all of your business’s project details in a single shareable document. Business-specific project features include an executive summary, key project activities, a market analysis, a financial evaluation, a marketing assessment, and operational planning. Additionally, this template provides space to list strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (a SWOT analysis), as well as an auto-generating table of contents. Use this fully customizable business project report template to help ensure that you hit your business’s project goals and delivery dates.

Download Business Project Report Template - Word 

Multiple Project Tracking Template

Multiple Project Tracking Template

Use this all-inclusive, multiproject tracking template to keep tabs on several projects at once — all in a single location. This template gives you an immediate overview of each project, as well as the individual status of each project-specific component. The template includes checkboxes where you can indicate if a given project deliverable is at risk, and default columns provide you with information on project status, priority, deadline, task, description, assigned to, deliverable, percentage done, fixed cost, estimated hours, and actual hours. This template is also completely customizable: add columns and rows to suit your projects’ needs, and track and share the progress of multiple projects to keep all stakeholders up to date. 

For more information on tracking multiple projects, read “Managing Multiple Projects? These Genius Features Let You Be Everywhere at Once.” 

Download Multiple Project Tracking Template

Excel | Smartsheet

Executive Project Report Template

Executive Project Report Template

This executive project report template provides you with a high-level perspective of your project’s progress. Simply enter all details related to your company’s project — including reporting period, report purpose, project details, key milestones and accomplishments, financial overview, and key risks and issues — and then monitor your project’s progress. Available as Word and PDF files, this document is customizable to fit your needs and shareable to provide an executive summary to anyone who needs it. 

To learn more about executive project reports and dashboards, read “Everything You Need to Know about Executive Dashboards.” 

Download Executive Project Report Template

Word | PDF

IT Project Status Report Template

IT Project Status Report Template

Because the rest of the company looks to information technology (IT) for technical solutions and expediency, IT needs a reliable method for tracking projects to deliver quality service to fellow employees. This IT-specific template is a perfect tool for tracking project status within a single, centralized document. With its unique ability to track multiple projects at once, this project status report template also provides space for a change request evaluation and a process resource evaluation, so you can close out your IT projects upon successful completion.

Download IT Project Status Report Template

Excel | Word | PDF

Project Postmortem Report Template

Project Post Mortem Report Template

Use this project postmortem report template to assess a project once it’s finished — and how you can improve successive projects. In the project highlights section, list what the project accomplished and what methods worked well, and use the project challenges area to specify what could have gone better and what processes need improvement. Assess your project-tracking effectiveness and identify areas for growth with this unique post-project template.

To learn more about postmortem reporting, read “Project Closing.” 

Download Project Postmortem Report Template

Excel | Word | PDF | Smartsheet

How to Write a Strong Status Report Template

Successful project status report templates and dashboards provide instant insight into project progress, and they clearly show which project components are on track or at potential risk and whether to expect any roadblocks. A customizable template enables you to modify the document to fit your needs, while also providing default text to guide project implementation and monitoring. Though project status template types vary, they include the following universal sections: 

  • Project Name: Enter the name of the project, and ensure that the title accurately represents the project to all stakeholders.  
  • Project Manager: Enter the name of the person responsible for keeping the project moving, checking milestones, and calling out risks. 
  • Period Covered: Enter the period of time the project will cover. 
  • Date of Completion: Enter an estimated date of completion (or actual project due date), so that all relevant stakeholders are clearly identified on the timeline. 

Additionally, project status reports often include the following project components: 

  • Budget: Enter the status of the project’s budget. Is it under, over, or on target? 
  • Schedule: Enter the status of the project schedule. Is it healthy or at risk, or does it face a roadblock? 
  • Quality: Enter the status of the project quality to indicate whether the project is  heading for success at risk. 
  • Scope: Enter the project scope, whether the initial scope was too large or too small, and if it needs to be reassessed.
  • Risks: Enter the status of any identified project risks. Have they been mitigated? Are they on track to become successful components of the project, or do they need to be abandoned altogether? 
  • Roadblocks: Enter the status of other factors that are interfering with a project’s success. What can be done to remedy the show-stopping risks these items pose? 

By filling out these sections at the start, you and your team will rest assured that, as the project progresses, there is a clear, single-source document tracking all stages of your project’s eventual success.

How to Use a Status Report Template

All of the project status templates and dashboards on this page are customizable. You’ll benefit from their default sections and text to ensure project progress, but you can also alter them to suit the needs of your project. You can easily edit default text (for example, you might change “Project Manager” to “Product Owner”), color-code dropdown lists, and customize other text (for example, you might set the default “On Track” text to read as “Healthy” or “Success”).

Additionally, all these project status templates are shareable, so you can email them to coworkers, place them on a server, or add them to Google Drive. 

You can opt for Excel, Word, and PowerPoint templates in their native file format, or upload them to Google Drive and even save them as Sheets, Docs, and Slides files. 

Regardless of your specific project, project status templates and dashboards give you quick insight into what a project will entail, how it’s progressing, and the successes and concerns around its status — all the way through successful project completion.

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