We’ve compiled the most useful Scrum templates for Scrum masters, product managers, project managers, Agile development team members, and more. The templates provide a structured framework for planning, executing, and tracking tasks for Agile. 

On this page, you’ll find 10 essential Scrum templates, including a Scrum board template, a Scrum sprint planning template, a Scrum user story template, and a Scrum sprint backlog with burndown chart template, among others. Learn what a Scrum template is within the Agile methodology and why Scrum templates are important for Agile teams.

Agile Scrum Project Plan Template for Excel

Agile Project Plan Template

Download Agile Scrum Project Plan Template for Excel

Use this Agile Scrum project plan template to organize your team’s tasks, sprints, and timelines. The template helps you break down your project features and deliverables into manageable sprints with specific goals, so you can track sprint progress and foster collaboration among team members. For each sprint’s feature or task, enter its name, along with the team member responsible for it, the number of story points, the due date, and the status. This template can help you gain better project visibility, improve team coordination, and deliver sprint-by-sprint results efficiently.

Scrum Board Template 

Agile Sprint with Kanban Board Template

Download a Scrum Board Template for 
Excel | Google Sheets

A Scrum board template can help you organize tasks visually. This Scrum board template incorporates all of the functionality found in multiple Scrum templates so you can improve teamwork and provide stakeholders with an accurate velocity rate for each of your sprints. Each task is visually represented in easily editable task cards, while the template auto-tallies the sprint’s progress percentage and points weighted for each task and number of points completed. For each sprint’s task, enter its category (feature, content, research, etc.), role, assignee, required action, status, priority, points, and estimated hours for completion.

Scrum Sprint Planning Template 

Agile Scrum Status Report Template

Download a Scrum Sprint Planning Template for 
Excel | Google Sheets

This Scrum sprint planning template – with its Gantt chart task timeline – is the perfect tool for organizing and scheduling  tasks. The template helps you break down each project’s phases into manageable sprints and provide details for each task. The Gantt chart timeline enables you to see if what you’ve planned for each sprint is achievable and whether you need to make adjustments.

Scrum Sprint Planning Slide Template

Sprint Planning Slide Template

Download a Scrum Sprint Planning Slide Template for 
PowerPoint | Google Slides 

Use this Scrum sprint planning slide template to provide stakeholders with a high-level overview of your Agile project planning. The template’s visually rich, easy-to-read data includes a phase map and enables you to categorize items in any of the following stages: Product Backlog, Current Sprint Backlog, Under Development, In Test, or Done. Use this template to improve organization and teamwork, as well as provide team members and project sponsors with a better understanding of your project.

Scrum User Story Template for Excel

Agile User Story Template

Download a Scrum User Story Template for 
Excel | Smartsheet

Streamline your Agile project’s requirements by using this Scrum user story template to provide user stories for each sprint’s feature or task. After entering a task or feature’s user story ID and priority, use the Agile user-story formula of As A <type of user>, I Want To <perform some task>, or So That I Can <achieve some goal>. Use this template to articulate clear and user-focused feature and task details, ensuring your team understands and delivers what's truly valuable to end users. 

Read this guide to user stories to learn more about their role in project management.

Scrum Sprint Backlog with Burndown Chart Template

Agile Sprint Backlog Template

Download the Scrum Sprint Backlog with Burndown Chart Template for

Excel | Smartsheet

Benefit from improved task transparency, effective sprint planning, better project insights, and timely project outcomes with this dynamic Scrum sprint backlog with burndown chart template. Enter each backlog task’s name and ID, weighted story points, and owner, and the Sprint Burndown portion of the template automatically tracks the progress of your tasks throughout the sprint by updating a visual chart. Teams can quickly see if they are on track to complete the planned work on time.

Scrum Product Roadmap Template

Scrum Product Roadmap Template

Download a Scrum Product Roadmap Template for
Excel | Microsoft Word | PowerPoint | Smartsheet

Expertly map out and communicate project goals and projected accomplishments with this Scrum product roadmap template. Easily add features or individual tasks to a particular sprint. The template comes pre-populated with sections for Product, Development, User Experience, and Quality Assurance teams, so that each group is aware of their sprint workload. 

Learn more about how to create a product roadmap.

Scrum Spreadsheet Template 

Kanban Board Spreadsheet Template

Download a Scrum Spreadsheet Template for 
Excel | Google Sheets

Simplify tracking tasks with this Scrum spreadsheet template. Use the template to assign the status of each task, such as Backlog, To-do, In Progress, Test/Verification, or Complete. You can then manage the progress of each task – and feature as a whole – across each sprint, ensuring successful project completion.

Scrum Team Capacity Planning Template

Agile Scrum Team Capacity Planning Template

Download a Scrum Team Capacity Planning Template for 
Excel | Google Sheets

Use this Scrum team capacity planning template to accurately plan your project resources and optimize your team’s projected workload distribution. Input team member availability, tasks, and hours, then track capacity against workloads on a sprint-by-sprint basis. This template helps make your resource allocation more efficient, balance your work distribution, and improve project productivity. 

See this article on Agile capacity planning to learn how to accurately estimate team capacity, thus preventing overloading and facilitating balanced task distribution.

Scrum Roles and Responsibilities Template

Scrum Roles and Responsibilities Template

Download a Scrum Roles and Responsibilities Template for 
Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF

This Scrum roles and responsibilities template provides a high-level view of team members’ roles and responsibilities, so that you can clarify any details and adequately set expectations. Fill in the responsibilities for the team’s product owner, Scrum master, and  team members. This template is the perfect tool to provide role clarity, foster smoother collaboration, and improve project efficiency.

What Is a Scrum Template?

A Scrum template is a pre-designed framework that breaks down projects into manageable units, or sprints. Teams can prioritize tasks and respond to changes. Scrum templates typically include sprint planning, user story management, task allocation, progress tracking, and retrospective analysis. 

Scrum templates provide a specific framework within Agile that enable teams to manage their projects with a structured process. Scrum templates define roles (product owner, Scrum master, development team), ceremonies (sprint planning, daily stand-ups, sprint review), and artifacts (product backlog, sprint backlog) – all to guide teams in delivering incremental value in short timeframes. A Scrum project plan template is one of the more popular versions, as it outlines the tasks, timeline, and responsibilities for a project using the Scrum methodology. Another frequently used Scrum template is a Scrum board template, which visually organizes and tracks tasks throughout a project's sprint.

Why Are Scrum Templates Important?

Scrum templates are important because they serve as vital tools for organized project management. They also provide transparency and improve communication between team members and stakeholders. They simplify task planning, foster collaboration, and ensure projects align with Agile principles.

Scrum templates streamline project management by providing structured frameworks for planning, execution, and tracking in Agile environments. They offer a systematic approach to organizing tasks, enhancing collaboration, and ensuring that projects are delivered efficiently and align with the principles of the Agile methodology. 

Scrum templates also promote transparency and communication among team members and stakeholders. By outlining roles, responsibilities, and timelines, these templates create a shared understanding of project objectives, fostering a culture of accountability and collaboration. They help teams maintain a steady pace of work, mitigate risks, and adjust strategies as needed, ensuring that projects stay on track and within scope.

Agile and Scrum-Related Templates

There are several types of Agile and Scrum-related templates that are useful for effectively managing tasks, fostering collaboration, and achieving project goals in an Agile environment. 

Check out any of the following Scrum templates to help create a clear roadmap for task allocation, track progress, and foster collaborative work: 

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