Agile Product Roadmap Templates & Examples

By Kate Eby | July 9, 2021 (updated February 26, 2024)

Get free Agile product roadmap templates for Scrum masters, product sponsors, and project managers to use in planning and development. Download the templates in Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, and Google Sheets and Slides formats. 

On this page, you’ll find a scrum product roadmap template, a feature-based Agile product roadmap template, a sprint roadmap template, a scaled Agile framework (SAFe) roadmap template, and more. Plus, learn what to include in an Agile product roadmap template and the types of Agile product roadmap templates, and download related product roadmap templates.

Agile Product Roadmap Template

Agile Product Roadmap Example Template

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Download a Blank Agile Product Roadmap Template for
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This easy-to-use Agile product roadmap template is ideal for keeping tabs on the status and progress of product-related components. Schedule feature-development details for product, design, development, and quality assurance teams to prioritize key initiatives and present the big picture of expected deliverables. This Agile-specific template helps your team stay focused on brief development iterations and enables you to list key milestones and major deliverables within a flexible timeline. 

Read this guide to best practices to learn how to get the most from this feature.

Agile Scrum Product Roadmap Template

Agile Scrum Product Roadmap Example Template

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Effectively track your team’s development goals with this scrum product roadmap template. Enter feature and user requirements, prototype, feature design, user acceptance testing, and other sprint-by-sprint product-roadmap tasks to keep tabs on each team’s development goals and accomplishments. Timebox sprint details into two-week or month-long periods with this simple-to-use, customizable template. This template is perfect for Agile teams that follow scrum methodology and need to plan and track progress across sprints. 

Check out this detailed guide to creating a product roadmap filled with step-by-step instructions and expert tips. 

Feature-Based Agile Product Roadmap Template

Feature-Based Agile Product Roadmap Example Template

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Use this all-inclusive roadmap to keep tabs on every planned product feature simultaneously. This template offers instant insight into each product-specific feature (e.g., business growth, scalability, decreased customer churn, consumer growth, etc.) and duration details (e.g., quarter, month) for each. You can customize the roadmap to timebox sprint periods (typically two weeks or a month) for Agile development. This template is perfect for tracking the broad strokes of feature development for program increment (PI) planning and ensuring you account for and prioritize all key features on your product roadmap. 

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Agile Product Sprint Roadmap Template

Agile Product Sprint Roadmap Example Template

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This sprint-by-sprint roadmap template allows you to specify project- or product-development deliverables within a certain timebox to hit feature- or project-related milestones. You can specify team-by-team user story and task details, sprint requirements, and their relation to product development’s monthly or quarterly goals. This sprint-specific, Agile-ready template is the perfect way to plan sprints within your product roadmap and to account for each team’s efforts. This template is perfect for when you’re planning the activities for upcoming sprints and need to ensure all team members are aligned on short-term goals.

To learn more, check out this guide to successful sprint planning, which includes helpful tips, checklists, and additional templates.

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Roadmap Template

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Roadmap Example Template

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This scaled Agile framework (SAFe) roadmap template is an ideal tool for showcasing both projected and actual product statuses. The template is especially suited for large-scale Agile environments where numerous teams collaborate on complex projects. One particularly useful feature is the customizable program increment (PI) planning columns. These columns enable easy entry of each PI’s objectives, clearly indicating to all stakeholders the expected timeline for each product development milestone. This roadmap template, designed with presentation in mind, is excellent for securing project sponsor support and conducting evaluative PI retrospectives.

What Is Included in an Agile Product Roadmap Template?

An Agile product roadmap template includes important goals, main ideas for features, and times labeled as now, next, and later. It highlights priorities, tracks progress, and assists teams in staying focused and flexible as they improve their product, step by step.

An Agile product roadmap is a living document that teams regularly update to reflect changes in the market, customer needs, and organizational priorities. It balances flexibility with strategic direction, providing a clear yet adaptable guide for the product's development journey. 

Typically, an Agile product roadmap template includes the following elements to effectively guide and communicate the strategic direction of a product: 

  • Vision and Goals: This section articulates the long-term vision of the product and the high-level goals it aims to achieve.
  • Time Frames: Agile roadmaps often utilize flexible time frames such as now, next, and later, rather than specific dates, to accommodate changes and maintain agility.
  • Themes or Epics: These are broad areas of work or major features that capture the essence of what needs to be achieved, organized into strategic initiatives rather than detailed tasks.
  • Milestones: These are key achievements or significant points in the product development journey, indicating progress towards the vision and goals.
  • User Stories or Features: This gives a high-level overview of planned functionalities or changes in the product, often aligned with themes or epics.
  • Tasks: These are specific, actionable items that outline the necessary steps to achieve the objectives and milestones in the Agile product roadmap.
  • Priority Indicators: This involves indicating the relative priority of different themes, epics, or features to guide development focus.
  • Status Indicators: These are visual cues that show the progress of different items, such as not started, in progress, or completed.
  • Metrics or Success Criteria: These are key performance indicators or criteria used to measure the product’s success against its goals.
  • Stakeholder Feedback: This section is for capturing insights or inputs from stakeholders, ensuring the roadmap aligns with user needs and business objectives.
  • Dependencies and Risks: This includes any external dependencies or potential risks that could impact the execution of the roadmap.

Types of Agile Product Roadmap Templates

Agile product roadmap templates come in various types, such as goal-oriented, feature-based, sprint, release, theme-based, now-next-later, user story, and technology. These templates help teams plan and monitor their product development. They focus on setting goals, outlining features, and scheduling tasks.

Here are some common types of Agile product roadmap templates, each tailored to different aspects of product planning and development: 

  • Goal-Oriented Roadmap: This type of roadmap focuses on specific objectives or outcomes that the product aims to achieve. It organizes features and initiatives around these goals.
  • Feature-Based Roadmap: This roadmap lists upcoming features and enhancements. It prioritizes these based on their value and impact, and is often used for more detail-oriented planning.
  • Sprint Roadmap: This format breaks down the work into sprints, which are short, consistent development cycles. It shows what the team plans to achieve in each sprint.
  • Release Roadmap: This roadmap outlines the schedule and content of product releases. It is useful for communicating plans to stakeholders and coordinating with marketing and sales efforts.
  • Theme-Based Roadmap: This type organizes the roadmap around major themes or areas of focus. These themes are then broken down into smaller features or stories.
  • Now-Next-Later Roadmap: A more flexible format, this roadmap categorizes planned features and initiatives into three broad timeframes: now (current or immediate), next (near future), and later (long-term).
  • User Story Roadmap: This roadmap focuses on user stories or customer journeys. It shows how the product will evolve to meet user needs and enhance their experience.
  • Technology Roadmap: Specifically designed for tech-driven products, this roadmap focuses on the technological advancements and infrastructure developments planned for the product.

Each of these templates can be adapted to suit the specific needs and context of a product development team, helping them to plan and communicate effectively in an Agile environment.

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