Agile Product Roadmap Templates

Get free Agile product roadmap templates for Scrum masters, product sponsors, and project managers to use in planning and development. Download the templates in Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Word, and Google Sheets and Slides formats. 

On this page, you’ll find an Agile product roadmap template, a scaled Agile framework (SAFe) template, a Scrum product roadmap template, a sprint roadmap template, and more.

Agile Product Roadmap Template

Download Agile Product Roadmap Template

Microsoft Excel | Microsoft Word | Microsoft PowerPoint | Smartsheet

This easy-to-use Agile product roadmap template is ideal for keeping tabs on the status and progress of product-related components. Schedule feature-development details for product, development, user experience, and quality assurance teams to prioritize key initiatives and present the big picture of expected deliverables. This Agile-specific template helps your team stay focused on brief development iterations and enables you to perpetually improve your product. 

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Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Roadmap Template

Scaled Agile Framework Roadmap Template Powerpoint

Download Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Roadmap Template

Microsoft PowerPoint | Google Slides

This scaled Agile framework (SAFe) roadmap template is the perfect tool to present projected and current product statuses. Month-by-month Program Increment (PI) Planning columns allow you to enter each PI’s objectives, making it clear to all stakeholders when to expect every product-development milestone. Use this presentation-friendly roadmap template to gain buy-in from project sponsors and for evaluative PI retrospectives.

Scrum Product Roadmap Template

Scrum Product Roadmap Template

Download Scrum Product Roadmap Template 

Microsoft Excel | Microsoft Word | Microsoft PowerPoint | Smartsheet

Effectively track your team’s development goals with this Scrum-specific product roadmap template. Enter feature and user requirements, prototype, feature design, user acceptance testing, and other sprint-by-sprint product-roadmap tasks to keep tabs on each team’s development goals and accomplishments. Timebox sprint details into two-week or month-long periods with this simple-to-use, customizable template.

Multiple Product Roadmap Template

Download Multiple Product Roadmap Template

Microsoft Excel | Microsoft Word | Microsoft PowerPoint | Smartsheet

Manage the development of multiple projects with this comprehensive, product-by-product roadmap template. List the specific details for your products in a single, shareable document. Enter product names in the swimlanes and the corresponding deliverables for each against quarter-by-quarter, month-by-month, or sprint-by-sprint timeline columns. Easily track the status and due dates of each product’s tasks to gain a holistic perspective of how your product-development initiatives compare to each other and as a whole. 

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Features Roadmap Template

Features Roadmap Template

Download Features Roadmap Template

Microsoft Excel | Smartsheet | Google Sheets

Use this all-inclusive roadmap to keep tabs on every planned product feature simultaneously. This template offers instant insight into each product-specific feature (e.g., business growth, scalability, decreased customer churn, consumer growth, etc.) and duration details (e.g., quarter, month) for each. You can customize the roadmap to timebox sprint periods (typically two weeks or a month) for Agile development. This template is perfect for tracking the broad strokes of feature development for Program Increment (PI) Planning and ensuring you account for all key features on your product roadmap.

Technology Roadmap Template

Download Technology Roadmap Template

Microsoft Excel | Smartsheet

Gain high-level, dashboard-style insight into your product roadmap planning efforts — and ensure successful project execution — with this Agile-friendly technology roadmap template. Simply enter all task-specific technology details related to your organization’s products (e.g., software, devices, networks, trends, drivers, service quality, etc.), and then monitor your roadmap’s progress prior to launch. This visually rich roadmap template is customizable and easy to share so that you can keep all team members, stakeholders, and sponsors apprised of progress.

Releases Roadmap Template

Download Releases Roadmap Template

Microsoft Excel | Smartsheet

Account for all product releases and ensure they’re on track for any product updates with this simple release roadmap template. Enter product initiatives and features for various teams for alpha, beta, full, and future releases. This release-specific template is the perfect tool for easily tracking Agile-release roadmap details, including planning, analytics, user experience (UX), feature design, website and mobile app stages, and related tasks in a single, centralized roadmap.

Sprint Roadmap Template

Download Sprint Roadmap Template - Microsoft Excel

This sprint-by-sprint roadmap template allows you to specify project- or product-development deliverables within a certain timebox to hit feature- or project-related milestones. You can specify team-by-team user story and task details, sprint requirements, and their relation to product development’s monthly or quarterly goals. This sprint-specific, Agile-ready template is the perfect way to plan sprints within your product roadmap and to account for each team’s efforts. Learn more about planning sprints.

What Is an Agile Product Roadmap?

An Agile product roadmap is a comprehensive plan of action for product or project development. Members of small teams use the roadmap to collaborate and strategize how they can contribute to reaching iterative development goals and milestones. 

With an Agile product roadmap, teams can collaborate on initial requirements gathering, solutions, proposals, self-organization, and individual user-story development plans for sprints (typically lasting two weeks or a month) aimed at longer-term product milestones and releases. Members of small teams have the agility to respond to any alterations to program increment (PI) goals, and to continue development by applying adaptive planning. During brief daily scrums, individuals compare their work against the Agile product roadmap to ensure the team is on track to meet a sprint’s deliverables and to determine if any adjustments need to be made. 

By adhering to the sprint-by-sprint requirements on an Agile product roadmap, team members are proactively involved in discussing how their tasks interrelate with those of other teams, meet the roadmap’s requirements, and require incremental steps to perpetually improve the product.

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