Free Business Templates for Organizations of All Sizes

By Kate Eby | April 8, 2020

In this article, you’ll find an extensive collection of expert-tested, easy-to-use business templates to help you save time and improve productivity. Download free templates for business planning, financial planning and budgeting, inventory management, and more.

Business Plan Templates

At the foundation of any thriving business is intentional and persistent planning. Whether you are starting up a small business, expanding your current business, or simply need strategic direction as an entrepreneur, these business planning templates will empower you to develop your business blueprint and achieve your short and long-term goals.

Simple Small Business Plan Template

Simple Small Business Plan Template

Use this essential one-page business plan template as a starting point to record the purpose of your business, the problem you are solving, the strategies of top competitors, as well as your key milestones marketing strategies, and a SWOT analysis. This template was designed with small businesses in mind, but can be used for organizations of any size.

Download Simple Small Business Plan Template

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Startup Business Plan Template

Startup Business Plan Template

This customizable startup business plan template enables you to outline strategies for your new business, so you can adapt to internal and external factors, as well as stay ahead of the competition. Modify this template to fill in the company’s background information, financial overview (including growth projections), business offerings, pricing structure, marketing strategy, competitive analysis, and more. Having all this data in one place will provide you with the clear direction you need to meet your business objectives. 

Download Startup Business Plan Template

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Business Plan Executive Summary Template

This business plan executive summary template organizes, clarifies, and simplifies the process of communicating with potential investors concerning the essential details of your business, product, or idea. This template includes sections to showcase your vision, mission, history, value proposition, competitive advantage, target market, market opportunity, competitors, financials, and more. With this executive summary, your business plan will command attention from the start.

Download Business Plan Executive Summary Template

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Small Business Templates

These professionally designed templates cater to the small business owner, and you can customize them to fit your needs. Download and use these templates to help save time as you plan out your budget, track sales, and keep a finger on the financial pulse of your business.

Small Business Budget Template

This basic budgeting plan is ideal for small businesses that need a simple, easy-to-use template to track monthly business revenue and expenditures. This template comes with separate tabs to track monthly income and monthly fixed and variable expenses. It also includes a log to record cash transactions and remaining balances. 

Download Small Business Budget Template

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Small Business Sales Tracking Template

Use this sales tracker template to track costs, sales, income, and more for multiple items. You can also track the shipping costs, returns, and profit per item sold. This template comes with built-in graphs that correspond to the values you enter, and you can customize it to fit your needs. 

Download Small Business Sales Tracking Template — Excel

Small Business Pro Forma Balance Sheet Template

Use this pro forma balance sheet template to help manage your business assets and make monetary projections. Use financial statements to project the future status of receivables, inventory, equipment, debt, retained earnings, and more. With built-in formulas, this template also provides space to calculate key financial ratios. 

Download Small Business Pro Forma Balance Sheet Template — Excel

Startup Business Templates

Patience, diligent planning, and proper timing are all key aspects of a successful startup. Use these customizable templates to organize your ideas and finances so you can get your startup off the ground.

Startup Business Planning Schedule

Planning the launch of a startup business can be overwhelming. This template will support you in the planning process by allowing you to organize each phase of the process into actionable steps. Use this startup business planning schedule to define key tasks and deadlines, and use the built-in calendar to visualize progress and milestones.

Download Startup Business Planning Schedule

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Startup Budget Template

One of the fundamental elements of a successful startup business is a detailed plan for resource allocation. This comprehensive startup budget template enables you to plan out estimates for funding, including investor funding and loans. It also allows you to plan out estimated expenses, including administrative, office, and marketing costs. In addition, the template compares budgeted to actual amounts at both a granular and high-level view.

Download Startup Budget Template — Excel

Startup Financial Projections Template (Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement)

Use this template to make financial projections for a startup business. This customizable template bundle with built-in formulas includes a detailed profit and loss projection over a 12-month period, a balance sheet, and a cash flow statement. 

Download Startup Financial Projections Template — Excel 

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Business Budget Templates

In order to make strategic decisions, a business must engage in effective budgeting practices. When an organization follows this maxim, it can accurately chart its current and projected financial standing. Use these professionally built budgeting templates to track cash flow, expenses, and costs and, in doing so, increase your company’s profitability and ROI.

Business Budget Template


This customizable business budget template enables you to plan your business expenses and break them down into goods and services. To create a spending plan for your finances, compare budgeted and actual amounts for all elements of the business, including operating expenses, payroll expenses, office expenses, health expenses, costs for labor and materials, and more.

Download Business Budget Template


Monthly and Yearly Business Budget Template

Use this 12-month business budget template for both a high-level and granular view of your organization’s financial performance over time. This template contains both a profit and loss section and balance sheet section to track revenue, costs, and expenses — fill out these sections to see the financial status of your business at a monthly, quarterly, and annual view.

Download Annual Business Budget Template

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Business Invoice Templates

Download the following free business invoice templates — designed for organizations of any size — to provide your clients with invoices for the products or services they purchase. You’ll find simple templates, as well as advanced templates with built-in calculators.

Business Invoice Template

Organizations in any industry or of any size can use this professional business invoice template to bill clients for work. Simply enter product prices, quantities, shipping costs, and tax rates, and built-in formulas will automatically calculate total values. There is also room to add a logo, special remarks or instructions for payment, contact information, and other payment details that you can customize to fit your needs.

Download Business Invoice Template — Excel

Simple Invoice Template

This sales or service invoice template is designed to be easy to fill out and submit to clients. Simply add your logo and company information at the top, fill in the customer contact details, and add each line item description and amount. There is also space at the bottom of the template to add your contact information, should the client have any questions or concerns.

Download Simple Invoice Template

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Blank Invoice Template

To use this invoice template, simply add billing and shipping information, product or service purchase details, special remarks or instructions, and contact information. There is also room at the top to insert a company logo. You can fully customize and print this blank invoice template or send it to clients electronically. 

Download Blank Invoice Template 

PDF | Smartsheet

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Business Financial Templates

With effective financial planning, you can set short and long-term goals and establish parameters for your work as you develop your strategy and prioritize your action plan. These free financial planning templates can assist you in the process of allocating resources in order to meet your overall business objectives.

Yearly Financial Projections Template

This detailed, all-in-one financial projection template contains separate tabs, and includes a profit and loss statement, a balance sheet, and a cash flow statement. Enter monthly financial data, and the built-in formulas will automatically calculate profit and loss ratios at a monthly, quarterly, and yearly view. Next, enter assets, liabilities, and stakeholder funds to track quarterly changes on the balance sheet and the formulas will also calculate balance sheet ratios. Finally, enter cash flow from operations, as well as investing and financing activities, to identify the cash position of your business.

Download Yearly Financial Projections Template

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Financial Summary Report Template

Use this customizable financial summary report template to compare financial data from the previous year to the reporting year. This document also allows you to reference built-in visuals in order to see performance at a glance. This template enables you to report on total revenue, operating profit, net profit, assets, liabilities, and other financials at a high-level view.

Download Financial Summary Report Template — Excel

Financial Management Plan Template

Use this customizable financial management plan template to create a comprehensive financial plan of action. This template provides a basic outline to help you detail the purpose, scope, milestones, stakeholders, assumptions, risks, and methods you use to manage your business finances. Set up meetings on a regular basis to review your financial plan. Scheduling a standing meeting ensures that you will reach your goals and allows you to make modifications according to updated objectives.

Download Financial Management Plan Template

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If you need additional financial resources and templates, check out our financial planning templates and Excel financial templates.

Inventory Templates

Keeping track of inventory levels and product orders can help lower costs and improve efficiency. Use these free inventory templates to accurately track your company’s assets and support your inventory management process.

Small Business Inventory Control Template

This basic inventory control template enables you to track the total quantity and value of your organization’s current inventory, as well as see items that you need to reorder. When you enter the item number, name, manufacturer, cost, stock quantity, reorder level, and days per reorder, each item’s inventory value will calculate automatically via built-in formulas.

Download Small Business Inventory Control Template

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Asset Tracking Template

Keep track of your company’s computer hardware, office furniture, intellectual property, and other business assets using this asset tracking template. This template keeps a record of each asset’s name, description, department, order date, vendor, warranty expiration date, model, quantity, value, and more. There is also space to add a link to (or image of) each asset. 

Download Asset Tracking Template

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Stock Inventory Management Template

Use this stock inventory control management template to keep inventory levels in check, maintain a record of inventory value and location, and track when it’s time to reorder. This template contains separate tabs, including a stock inventory control tab, stock tracking tab, stock inventory item tab, and stock vendor list tab, to store all inventory and vendor contact details in one convenient location. 

Download Stock Inventory Management Template

Excel | Smartsheet

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Additional Business Templates to Help Your Organization

For additional resources to support you in all aspects of your business, check out our wide selection of free, downloadable templates — from planning and scheduling to project management and reporting:

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